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“Our desire is to help people grow in their relationship with God by encouraging them to read the Bible and seek Him every day,” said the founder of YouVersion. Bobby gruenewald. “We are encouraged to see so many people turn to the Bible in response to their concerns, remember what God has done in their lives, and choose to trust His faithfulness.”

One of the most popular offerings in the Bible App is the Daily Plans which combine portions of Scripture with devotional content. This year alone, the community achieved a record 1.1 billion days in their daily Bible plans. People also created 2 billion highlights, bookmarks, and notes to mark meaningful verses and record what God revealed to them in their studies. Many even went the extra mile to tell others how the Bible was impacting them, resulting in over 478 million verses shared.

“What we are seeing in the global engagement is exciting for us because with each verse highlighted, the plan day completed or the audio chapter heard, it is a person who is transformed by knowing God more intimately as they spend time. in the Bible, ”Gruenewald said. . “We are touched by the opportunity to see lives changing in every country of the world.”

The Bible App has seen a significant global increase in installs and engagement this year. In 2019, YouVersion grew by almost 50 million unique installs to a total of 400 million installs worldwide, and the majority of those new installs came from outside of the United States. Poland was one of the fastest growing countries with a 75% increase. India 51% more engagement in 2019 compared to last year. Commitment to the Bible has also increased through South East Asia in countries like Cambodia and Vietnam see increases of 36% and 37%, respectively.

“Each year when we dig these numbers we are overwhelmed by how God is using this app to deliver his message of hope and love to a suffering world,” said Gruenewald. “We also can’t help but recognize how much more work needs to be done together as a worldwide church to reach every nation.”

Currently, the Bible App offers more than 2,000 versions of the Bible in more than 1,350 languages. However, over a billion people around the world do not have access to a complete Bible in their native language. In collaboration with illumiNations, a movement of ten Bible translation agencies, YouVersion is working to give more people the Bible in their mother tongue. The group’s goal is that by 2033, 95% of the world’s population will have a Complete Bible, 99.9% a Complete New Testament, and 100% at least part of the Scriptures.

Thanks to the generosity of the YouVersion community, translation projects in the Republic of Congolese, Malawi, Benign, Indonesia, Croatia, Madagascar, and Serbia received $ 1 million this year to advance their efforts. Together, these projects will provide more than 4.7 million people with the first part of scripture ever available in their language. To date, the YouVersion community has donated a total of $ 3 million to finance the translation of the Bible.

“When you assimilate the scriptures in your native tongue, the words take on new meaning and suddenly there is not a God come for someone else. It is your God who knows you personally, ”said Gruenewald. “Discovering the Bible in your own language is a powerful gift, and we are eternally grateful to our partners who share our dream of making the Bible for everyone. ”

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