Woman upgraded to business class because they thought she was the heroine of the lionesses


The team have been treated like heroes ever since, and one woman accidentally got in on the action after being mistaken for Chloe Kelly. Watch below:

Speaking to TikTok after the incident, TikTok user Sophie shared a video of herself in business class captioned: “So I got a free upgrade to business because the stewardess of the air thought I was Chloe Kelly.”

The video starts out hilarious with Sophie starting to ask her what she’d like for her lunch as she’s holding up a giant menu, and she replies, “I don’t know how this all works.”

The stewardess then asks Sophie, who was wearing an English shirt, if she was playing the other night.

The real Chloe Kelly in action against Germany. Credit: Alamy

Sophie, however, was honest and admitted she wasn’t.

“You look like the girl who scored,” said the stewardess, which she took as a “huge compliment.”

“That’s the best compliment you can give me,” Sophie added when the flight attendant confirmed she thought she was Chloe Kelly.

She then shared another very amused clip of herself which she captioned, “Is that what it’s like to be Chloe Kelly?!?”

The video then gave viewers a glimpse of the very spacious seat before Chloe showed off her free gifts, including an eye mask and socks.

Do you think Sophie looks like Chloe Kelly?  Credit: TikTok / @irrelevantoph
Do you think Sophie looks like Chloe Kelly? Credit: TikTok / @irrelevantoph

TikTok users raved about the mistaken identity case and the video has been viewed nearly 8,000 times at the time of writing.

One viewer simply called Sophie a ‘legend’, while another said she should have pretended she was actually Chloe Kelly.

“I would have been like I had scored the winner,” joked a third viewer while a fourth asked if Sophie had ever played football herself.

Chloe Kelly, in case it wasn’t clear enough already, was one of the heroines in the Euro 2022 final.

After the historic match, she appeared on Hello Brittany and explained that she was stepping away from her phone a bit so she could really enjoy the moment.

“It’s not settled yet. I think I’m just living in the moment,” she said.

In case your memory needs refreshing, despite being on the substitutes’ bench in the final, when she arrived she ended up scoring the winning goal.

This secured the first ever major tournament trophy won by the England women’s team, making the 24-year-old a national hero.


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