Woman upgraded to business class after being mistaken for England star Chloe Kelly


A woman was mistaken for England heroine Chloe Kelly and had her trip upgraded to business class. You can check out the video below.

She and her teammates have been treated like heroes ever since and one woman has managed to benefit despite not being part of Sarina Wiegman’s team.

TikTok user Sophie shared a video of herself in business class with the caption, “So I got a free upgrade to business class because the flight attendant thought I was Chloe Kelly.”

Image Credit: Alamy

Sophie is asked what she would like for her lunch as she holds up a giant menu, and she replies, “I don’t know how this all works.”

The stewardess then asks Sophie, who was wearing an English shirt, if she was playing the other night.

Sophie decided to be honest and gave up the ruse.

“You look like the girl who scored,” said the stewardess, which she took as a “huge compliment.”

“That’s the best compliment you can give me,” Sophie said.

She then shared another very amused clip of herself which she captioned, “Is that what it’s like to be Chloe Kelly?!?”

Image credit: @irrelevantoph/TikTok
Image credit: @irrelevantoph/TikTok

England took the lead just after the hour mark thanks to Ella Toone’s delicious chip.

Lina Magull equalized with 11 minutes left, before Kelly appeared in the second half of extra time to make history.

Talk to BBC Sports Manchester City star Kelly beamed after his Wembley screening: “It’s huge and I hope people now see it as football, everyone is included.

“We’re just having fun and playing the game that everyone loves.


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