Woman shares shocking messages from man she met online


A woman has shared the shocking text messages she received from a guy she was chatting with online – watch them in the clip below:

Sydney Weise, TikTok user, or @sydneymwiese as he is known on the platform, shared the posts in a clip with the caption “this broke my heart” and it has since gone viral.

After a terrible start, the man wrote: “Honestly just want to make sure you’re not that fat.

“I don’t need a role model, but I just don’t want to get tricked again.”

In response to her post, Sydney asked, “Big like what?”

To which he said, “Like big fat.”

Now while no one wants to be fished – and with internet dating you run the risk – there really is no excuse for body shaming and I think we can all agree that this man has no handled it all very well.

When Sydney then announced that she preferred to leave the date and stop chatting, he asked, “Bc I have a preference?”

This prompted Sydney to politely reply, “It’s good that you do it. I’m okay with that but I’m not your girlfriend.”

Relentless, the man asked, “What do you mean? I don’t need a role model because I’m so fat.”

Credit: TikTok/@sydneymwiese

With Sydney, she then firmly ended her part of the conversation by texting, “I want to say goodbye bro.”

To which the picky guy replied, “Ok ok ok.”

Other TikTok users rushed to single out the man for his rude posts, with one person writing, “Good riddance! You can do so much better.”

Another said: “The preferences are good, but the way he talked about them was incredibly off-putting. Glad you left.”

A third posted: “So people say it’s not body shaming. It is. How many can say they’ve been asked the same question the same way? From different guys.”

Others praised Sydney for her response – one TikToker wrote: “She handled it so well.

“You all want to stand up for men who have preferences, but you won’t respect our preference not to date them because of it.”

Another wrote: “I congratulate you on your mature response. It shows that you love and respect each other.”


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