Woman Shares Bizarre Messages From Man Who Hits On Her, Who Could Be Her Cousin


TikTokers have been left baffled, horrified and amused after a woman shared flirtatious messages she received from a man who could very well be her cousin.

I’m not here to tell anyone what they should be about when it comes to relationships, but it’s pretty widely accepted that relatives are better at sticking to family feelings of love than romantic feelings.

TikToker Isadora made it clear that she was okay with this setup when she took to the platform to discuss the strange situation she found herself in last month, which started when a man from Canada sent him a friend request.

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Isadora explained that she had three mutual friends with the man, all of whom were cousins ​​she had never met. Having met these family members through Facebook, the TikToker naturally assumed that the man was just another relative.

She accepted his request and said hello, but things quickly got confusing when the man started hitting on her, describing Isadora as “one of the most beautiful girls” he had ever seen and noting that he had been difficult meeting people during the coronavirus outbreak.

Isadora quickly tried to clarify her view of the situation, explaining that she accepted his friend request because she thought he was her cousin, but that didn’t seem to sway the man as he answered the question of whether it was a “good thing or [a] bad thing’.

He added, ‘[Probably] a compliment because you are beautiful.

See Isadora’s reaction below:

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Expressing disbelief at the conversation, the TikToker told viewers, “Sorry sir, I think we’re related, please incorporate this behavior.”

Isadora continued her efforts to make the man understand their possible relationship, but it wasn’t until she told him she was English that he began to understand, asking her if she was related to a woman. who is actually Isadora’s mother.

After confirming his relationship with his mother, the man quickly blocked Isadora from Facebook. She commented, ‘So [he] is almost certainly my cousin, but apparently it took a few tries to really sink in.

Isadora is far from the only one who found the conversation entirely confusing, with many calling the man wondering if it was a ‘bad thing’ that they were cousins ​​while others struggled to believe that the exchange could be real.


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