Woman receives hundreds of voicemail messages from grieving woman


One woman described how “broken” she felt when she checked her voicemail messages and found many messages from a grieving wife to her late husband. You can hear the whole tragic story in the video below.

The woman revealed her discovery on TikTok, explaining how she deleted her voicemail messages when she discovered hundreds of messages, some over a year old, all from a woman she didn’t know.

When she started listening to them, it quickly became clear what was going on.

The messages were all from the same woman saying things like “I love you” and “I miss you” over and over on the phone, sometimes through floods of tears.

After listening to many messages, she deduced that they were from a woman who had lost her husband but still wanted to leave messages for him and did so by leaving messages on his old number.

This is heartbreaking stuff, for sure.

Next to a clip showing the user – @ waifoodd.png – while crying, she added a text which read: “You are just trying to delete your voicemail messages and notice a number that you do not recognize in the blocked numbers … which has left you voicemail messages since July 8, 2020”,

Credit: TikTok/@waifoodd.png

“All the voicemails consist of ‘I miss you’ and ‘I hope you are well’ and long pauses and what sounds like sweet crying?”

She then shared a screenshot of her phone screen that showed the volume of messages she had received, sometimes four per day.

Then she shared one of the posts, in which a woman can be heard saying, “It’s just me, you’re in my head. I’ll catch up with you later, bye.”

The TikToker continued, “So you realize it’s this old lady leaving her voicemails? [late] husband…”

However, the question remained: does she contact the woman and tell her that this is no longer the number she thinks it is, or does she let her continue?

Credit: TikTok/@waifoodd.png
Credit: TikTok/@waifoodd.png

After inquiring in the comments section, she decided to let the poor woman take care of it.

This is obviously a way for her to deal with her grief and loss, so removing it without her consent would seem a bit cruel.

Others have even admitted to using a similar mechanism to cope with the loss of a loved one.

Whoever or wherever she is, just let’s hope she’s doing well and getting the support she needs.


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