Will’s mother from The Inbetweeners has always sent X-rated messages


Will Mackenzie’s mother Intermediate still receives “graphic” messages years after the show ended.

A lot has changed since the show ended in 2010, but one thing has stayed the same: Belinda Stewart-Wilson (Polly Mackenzie) still holds the crown as “TV’s Fittest Mom” ​​and she has the posts to prove it.

Belinda Stewart-Wilson played Polly, Will Mackenzie’s mother Credit: Channel 4

Almost everyone has tried to get Polly on the hit show, from Jay (James Buckley) and the boys relentlessly inviting her over to sixth-form head Mr. Gilbert (Greg Davies), who’s gone on vacation with her. in the second movie.

And, it seems, love for Will’s on-screen mother has become a very real part of his life after the show, as Stewart-Wilson explained to the daily star“I’ve received some weird messages and suggestions over the years, some of which are so explicit I can’t repeat them. But you have to take it with a grain of salt – it’s always nice to be liked.”

Polly's popularity has seen the actress still receive messages
Polly’s popularity has seen the actress still receive “graphic” messages. Credit: Celebrity Spotlight / Alamy Stock Photo

It’s not just messages online, as Stewart-Wilson adds, “I’m still being yelled at on the street and it’s great to be Will’s mother, forever in the heart of the nation.”

Still, it’s not something the actor was expecting. She said: “I never saw it coming, being one of TV’s fittest mums is a weird combination of things, but I’m happy to accept the crown.”

Explaining why she thought the character had become so popular, Stewart-Wilson explained that, for better or worse, it was probably the boys’ jokes about her: “I think Polly became infamous because how the boys were talking about her. Her screen time was not huge, but I was lucky that she was talked about a lot, albeit in a pretty extreme way.”

Stewart-Wilson first appeared on the show 14 years ago.  Credit: Celebrity Spotlight / Alamy Stock Photo
Stewart-Wilson first appeared on the show 14 years ago. Credit: Celebrity Spotlight / Alamy Stock Photo

As Stewart-Wilson boldly embraces her crown, not everyone is thrilled with her title, primarily her son, Jackson – for obvious the reasons.

“My son was really small when I did it and I was like ‘oh, he won’t know about it’.” Now he gets teased at school.”

And, knowing how relentless kids can be, we understand why Jackson will never watch the show, with his mother adding, “He swears he’ll never watch it. I think he chose to avoid it because he may have heard comments about me.”

We’re not sure we can fault her for avoiding the show, especially considering her mom is still getting messages 14 years after she first appeared.


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