WhatsApp down as thousands of users unable to send messages


WhatsApp is down, leaving thousands of people unable to send messages.

The DownDetector website has been inundated with reports of users having trouble sending messages.

The issue seems to prevent sending and receiving messages which is a big problem for the messaging-based app.

So if you’re wondering why your friend hasn’t replied to your message yet this morning, this could be the reason. Or they may just not like you very much.

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The DownDetector site says “user reports indicate problems”, with a graph showing that the problems appeared to occur shortly before 8am this morning.

Most users reported a problem sending messages, while others reported experiencing service issues.

It is not known how many people have been affected by the application descent.

However, WhatsApp says it has around two billion users across the world – so there’s potential for a staggering number of people unable to send or receive their messages this morning.

With their messages not sent, thousands of users have flocked to Twitter to complain, with some even saying they will have to go back to texting. God forbid.

It’s unclear how long the app will be down, but I think we can be fairly certain that WhatsApp will work to get it back up and running as soon as possible.

WhatsApp has yet to comment on the issues on its official social media page, and unlike other Meta-owned apps such as Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp no ​​longer runs a separate status page to keep its users informed. breakdowns and problems.

Credit: DCPhoto / Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: DCPhoto / Alamy Stock Photo

So it seems like for now, you just have to sit back and hope you don’t miss anything too exciting.

The outage comes just weeks after WhatsApp announced several new changes to how it will work in the future.

Promising to offer its users more privacy – the messaging app announced that it would introduce three changes.

The first major change to WhatsApp will be the ability to choose who you appear to online. Along with this, users will also be able to leave a group chat “silently”, which to be honest is an absolute dream come true for someone as miserable as me.

And finally, users will soon be able to implement screenshot blocking on single-view messages.

A spokesperson told LADbible, “View Once messages were designed to share sensitive messages that did not need to become a permanent digital record.

“We enable screenshots to prevent messages from being shared beyond the intended recipient.”


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