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Dear director,
I touched on a subject a few days ago, when Don Emmanuel Candido argued vehemently that life is always sacred! The last is for reader Elvio Beraldin who urges Putin to read the prophet Isaiah. How can we differ? Nevertheless, my contribution interests you and I take the right to offer you some advice as a poor site expert: For me and others I know, it seems that every message posted on Gazzettino, without your comment, is an opinion shared from Gazzettino..but I think that is not the case. I therefore ask you to make a small comment in each footer of the message to see if you agree with the content, or if you do not agree, or a small corrective comment. (Maestro Paolo Uchipenti did this in the 1970s.) A one or two line answer will suffice. For example, in Beraldin’s letter in which she advised Putin to read Isaiah and turn weapons into plows and scythes. Nice picture, but instead I would add a little comment: Putin may not have read Isaiah, he may have stopped where God annihilated a people (the firstborn of the Egyptians) to save another, Israel. How many contradictions are there in the Bible…

Rogerio Biacenti
San Donato di Lamon (BL)

Dear reader,
Thank you for your suggestion. But Paolo Occhipinti, whom I met at the beginning of my career and with whom I would certainly not dare to compare, ran a weekly (Oggi), an editorial product with schedules and needs a little different from those of a newspaper . However, the meaning of this page is not to host posts that I share or that more or less reflect the newspaper’s font. I would say exactly the opposite: it is a space where everyone, according to rules, good manners and synthesis, can express their opinions, even if they differ partially or totally from ours. His letter, for example, is one of them. I appreciate his wit and gentle polemical spirit, but they taught me how to escape the temptation to search the Bible for material to support Granite’s incontrovertible beliefs. Scripture, as someone has written, tends to dislodge certainty and openness to truth. So let’s read it, but let’s make good use of it. Especially in times like these. Some have already tried to justify their obsession with power by quoting the Bible. His name is Vladimir Putin. Not a good example.


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