Virginia man explains why he painted ‘scandalous and offensive’ bible verse on truck


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CHESTERFIELD, Virginia – Tom Hicks’ van has angered many drivers in Virginia with his Bible verse painted on the back: 1 Corinthians 14:34, which says, “Women must be silent and submit. “

Around the verse are three crosses, the symbol of the fish, “God said he believed it” and “Read your Bible”.

He did not receive a warm welcome. Hicks said others spoke obscenities at him and knocked him down.

One driver called it ‘scandalous and offensive’, saying: ‘It worries me that such a thing is accepted in some respects and that it is acceptable for people to feel free to show such hateful and misogynistic thoughts. . “

So is Hicks a proud Christian who wants to spread a biblical message about women? Not at all, WTVR reported.

He is actually an atheist, and his message is that the Bible is offensive.

“I want people to read the Bible, I want them to see this message and say it’s true,” Hicks explained. “It is hateful and hateful work that Christians are trying to turn around and they are talking about love.”

Naturally, Christians disagree with his point of view.

“When you look at that [verse], you can certainly see that it’s taken out of context completely. Especially when you think about what the Bible says, ”said Pastor Joey Anthony, of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. “Jesus really elevated women to a level – where, like in this culture, they were seen as second class citizens – but Jesus loves everyone and he really raised women to a different level. “


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