Tyson Fury sent personal voicemails to Jake Paul they’re absolutely brilliant


Tyson Fury bombarded Jake Paul with private voicemails as the YouTuber prepares for his fight against Tyson’s younger brother, Tommy.

And, as you can probably imagine, the posts are absolutely hilarious.

Tyson Fury. Credit: PA

Even before their boxing match was announced, there was already a lot of trash talk between the Paul and Fury camps.

While some of the insults have been light lately, you can tell the beef is real and there is a deep dislike between the two fighters.

Well, now they can finally settle their differences inside the ring and Tommy wasted no time in signing his big brother and current world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

But as Tyson has dragged Tommy inside the ring, it appears he’s also engaged in a mental war outside of it, exchanging personal vocal notes with his brother’s opponent.

Talk to TMZ, Paul only played one of the many messages he received from “The Gypsy King” himself.

In the recording, Tyson can be heard screaming, “Jakey Boy, you’re going to be devastated, Jakey!”

Credit: TMZ
Credit: TMZ

Usually the type to strike back right away, Paul couldn’t help but laugh and soak up the fact that one of the biggest sporting starts on the planet was bashing him.

“It’s amazing, my brother,” said Paul.

“You can’t hate the guy. Tyson, I love, I want this to be clear to everyone. I love Tyson, I love him to be involved, he’s a great artist but unfortunately I have to. ending his brother’s career is just the way it is.

“But Tyson, we can still be friends, brother, it’s all good.”

Paul currently has a professional 4-0 record, while Fury is undefeated in all seven of his fights.

With Fury actually being a true boxer, it’s no secret that this is Paul’s toughest test yet.

That said, you can also argue that Paul is also Fury’s toughest test to date, judging by the records of the Briton’s last seven opponents.

Not only that, but the pressure is mounting on Fury to derail the Jake Paul hype train with threats to move to a deserted island, change his name and maybe even retire while being thrown into his life. direction if he loses.


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