Trump-loving commander pushes ‘CRT’ class on subordinates – ‘CRT’ stands for ‘Christian Religion Truths’


Last week, a military commander at a major military base known for proselytizing and promoting Christian nationalist views as well as openly promoting Trump and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and bashing President Biden and the President Pelosi at military events and meetings, extended an invitation to the 200 service members in attendance for a mandatory meeting.

“It’s not mandatory,” began the commander, according to one of the Military Foundation for Religious Freedom (MRFF) now twenty clients who were at this mandatory meeting, “but my wife and I are organizing and sponsoring a gathering at our residence in a few weeks to study CRT.”

According to the MRFF client, the Commander “let it sink in for a while while everyone was confused that this man had anything to do with what we thought he meant by ‘race theory’ critical “.” Then, according to the MRFF client, the commander said, with a big smile, “Not the CRT you’re thinking of but ‘Christian Religion Truths’.”

But this oh-so-clever-in-his-own-mind evangelist wasn’t quite done with his illicit invitation. According to the MRFF client, “He then glared at us and with a smirk said the following: “Hey, I said it was optional if you want to come. No one is required to be there, but all are welcome to our CRT study session. Remember that Jesus loves you all, even if you don’t. ‘ – Then he stopped again and shouted loudly ‘Again! ‘ “

As soon as the first of twenty MRFF clients – ten percent of the 200 service members present at the meeting – contacted the MRFF about this commander’s obnoxious invitation, MRFF founder and president Mikey Weinstein contacted the office. from a senior commander to a few links in the offending commander’s chain of command.

Now that the MRFF has been around as long as we have, we’ve had a number of incidents of second generation clients – the children of the first MRFF clients who are now in the military themselves and encountering the same kinds of problems than their parents did – but it was the first time the officer Mikey phoned to put a stop to the atrocious antics of a despicable commander had himself been a client of the MRFF at the start of his own career. Needless to say, this assistant to the senior commander was very responsive to the MRFF customer complaint, first verifying that the incident had occurred as reported, then assuring the MRFF in the following email that “the senior management shall take prompt administrative sanction measures against this offence”. officer and others who also participated and bear responsibility.

From: (Name, rank and title of assistant to the senior commander not disclosed)
Subject: Commander’s Religious Proselytizing Offense
November 16, 2022 at 10:13:49 a.m. MST
TO: Weinstein Information [email protected]>

Mr Weinstein,

This email is to confirm our many telephone conversations this morning regarding the actions of a (hidden military branch name) commander in our (military unit name omitted) a few days ago during a mandatory unit training here in (name and location of military installation omitted).

As accurately reported to you by a number of clients in your MRFF organization, and now confirmed by our own chain of command, one of our subordinate commanders made unauthorized comments to his (or her) unity that involved proselytizing the Christian faith in a way that violated (hidden military branch name) regulations and other standards.

Our commander, (name and rank of senior commander omitted), appreciates that the MRFF offers us the possibility of managing this unfortunate affair internally. We have known the MRFF for some time and support its mandate to uphold the constitutional rights of service members to be free from religious worship imposed by their chains of command.

Although we cannot provide details to you or your customers due to privacy law etc., please advise your customers that our senior management is taking prompt administrative sanction action against this offending agent and other people who also participated and are responsible for it.

There (hidden military branch name) is totally committed to equal rights and opportunities for all its members and this most certainly includes the right not to have its commander clearly proselytizing his own faith in the mandatory formations.

As agreed in our calls this morning, we thank the MRFF for withholding the names, ranks, units, and names of facilities and locations relevant to the current case.


(NOTname, rank and title of the senior commander’s assistant withheld)

After seeing the senior aide-commander’s email, and making sure that “Captain CRT” wasn’t going to get away with his pernicious proselytizing this time, the MRFF client quoted earlier in this post, a non-commissioned officer present at the meeting, sent MRFF this email confirming all the details of the episode:

From: (US Military NCO Active Duty/MRFF Customer Email Address Masked)
Subject: Our commander wants us all to be Christians like him
November 16, 2022 at 5:22:17 PM MST
TO: Weinstein Information [email protected]>

Dear Mr. Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF,

First of all, thank you to the MRFF for competently handling this wrongful incident on my behalf and on behalf of the other MRFF clients with me.

I carefully read the e-mail from “Senior Commander’s Assistant“which was sent to Mr. Weinstein earlier this morning regarding a nasty incident of Christian proselytizing by our immediate unit commander at a mandatory attendance unit event held last week here in (name and location of military installation omitted).

I would like to point out that I am one of the MRFF’s clients in this same file and as such I also represent 18 other members of the unit who have requested the intervention of the MRFF.

I am Protestant and most of our group members are also Christians, although not all of us are. We also have Jews, Muslims and atheists with us. And maybe other non-Christians but I’m not sure?

I am a non-commissioned officer and I am proud of the service I have rendered to our country. I’ve been in many downline fights and been both decorated and injured in several of them.

I was present at this very recent event and can confirm the following for the record:

“Our commander already had a pretty bad reputation for imposing his Christian faith on his subordinates before what happened here.

“Our commander has often in the past said negative things about President Biden and President Pelosi at military events and meetings. I’ve been to so many of them where he’s done that. He also promoted Trump and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

– Our commander repeatedly said things like “I love everyone but it’s just a fact that America was founded by devout Christians to be a Christian nation.” And “I mean there’s no record of Jews or Muslims helping form this nation. And a whole lot of other stuff just the same. Totally divisive. to what just happened last week.

—At the mandatory meeting last week, with about 200 people present, he actually told us the following:

“It’s not required but my wife and I are planning and sponsoring a gathering at our residence in a few weeks to study CRT.” Now he let that sink in for a while while everyone was confused that this man had anything to do with what we thought he meant by “critical race theory”?

—Then he said this with a big smile: “Not the CRT you’re thinking of, but ‘Christian Religion Truths’.” In other words a Bible study in his house of installation.

—He then glared at us and with a smirk he said the following: “Hey, I said it was optional if you wanted to come. No one is required to be there, but all are welcome to our CRT study session. Remember that Jesus loves you all even if you don’t. The meeting was then adjourned. Many of us were shocked.

“You could hear a pin drop.

“A group of us were upset about what happened. Me and a few others went to speak to the First Shirt but he just told us we were “overreacting, woke wimps”. With this declaration, the fire was lit!

“Oh, I forgot the commander’s own boss was also at that mandatory meeting and sat on the loudspeaker stage doing nothing of what our own commander had just done.

We contacted the MRFF soon after and Mr. Weinstein and they took up our case immediately.

I cannot thank the MRFF and Mr. Weinstein enough for what you have all done to support us totally.

Let’s just hope there’s justice here for those of us who have been forced to live in our commander’s alternate Christian totalitarian reality.

(Name, rank, title, unit and facility of successful active duty U.S. military non-commissioned officer / MRFF client)

The MRFF commends the senior leadership of this base for their quick response and promise of punishment for this miscreant of a military officer.


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