Three messages from Loki to the world


I had a small role in a Seiðr oracular ritual at Mystic South this year. I was asked to provide priestly follow-up to those who received messages from their gods and ancestors, so I expected to help people ground, process, and on a few occasions accept the messages that they received.

I did not expect to be recruited as a journalist.

The ritual was presented by the Potomac Seiðr Guild Ondvegisulur. Their work is based on the Hrafnar Oracular Seiðr ritual as shown in Diana Paxson’s book The Way of the Oracle. In short, a clairvoyant sits veiled on a high seat. A guide leads the assembly to the gates of Helheim. There, the assembly waits while the seer enters Helheim. In this world, participants approach the Higher Seat and ask questions of their gods or ancestors. The clairvoyant tries to find them and relays the question and the answer.

Sometimes it took the seer a while to find someone (especially a deity from another pantheon) but they were almost always successful. The cosmological implications of this are interesting, but that’s another article for another time.

About an hour into the ritual, someone had a question for Loki.

And He appeared.

Loki. Photo by Bergrune, used with permission.

He didn’t just whisper words to the seer in Helheim for her to pass on. He took full control of the seer. Using Diana Paxson’s car driving metaphor, she was in the passenger seat – she knew what was going on (which is a good thing, because much of what I write here is based on her notes after the ritual) but it was Loki speaking and moving his body here in this world.

If you doubt that such things could happen, I cannot help you. If you agree that they can but are unsure about this particular case, I can tell you that I have experienced divine possession, and I have been present when my loved ones have experienced it. It looked and sounded and felt like that. I am convinced that it was a true experience of a God.

Here I must emphasize that I am writing this post as a journalist, not as an oracle. Loki wasn’t speaking through me or to me. He spoke through the seer, to those who asked questions and to the congregation in general. But He made it clear to them that He wanted these messages to go out into the world.

In case you were wondering why a druid blogger was asked to participate in a pagan ritual.

The quotes in this article are from the Seeresses. The other words are mine.

Loki had three messages for the world.

cultivate joy

As soon as he picked up Seer Bergrune, Loki started laughing and dancing – including asking the interrogators to dance with him. And then, in a tone both playful and deadly serious, He said:

Joy! There must be joy and we must make sure in this time that is dark and darkening with war and sickness and death and everything else, joy or else my son [Fenris] will eat the world.

In his notes, Bergrune went on to say:

Reporting several days later led me to speak about cultivating joy in these dark and troubling times at a staff meeting. He insisted that this is a message that needs to be spread everywhere. Choosing joy, creating joy, nurturing joy as a balance to growing darkness, destruction and violence. If we don’t keep joy as a priority, we will lose the most important parts of ourselves.

I know the truth. I’ve struggled to find joy over the past few years, but when I do, like at Mystic South, it encourages me to keep going. It helps me remember what I’m fighting for and not just what I’m fighting against.

Loki says we have to cultivate joy.

I think Loki is right.

Build your mask thoughtfully and skillfully

Loki says the time is coming when we will have to wear masks – and he wasn’t talking about N95s (which isn’t to say we shouldn’t wear N95s in certain situations, but that’s a different context).

According to the notes of the clairvoyant Alexandra Nic Bhé Chuille:

Loki says it’s about to be a dangerous time to be a heathen: build masks and safe zones. Masks made of pieces of ourselves and pieces of those who love us, a mask made of truth and what we want to show the world. So that it takes the hit when people shout Witch and throw things, and it won’t break – or it might break (so you don’t break) and then you can rebuild it.

This troubles me greatly. I spent years telling everyone to come out of the broom closet. I conducted public pagan rituals in Texas for 19 years and never had the first problem. There have always been deranged men (and they are almost always men) who killed other people just because they could. But we proudly do what we do and rely on the law of averages (many groups – few shooters) to keep us safe.

But things look different now. It may be the satanic temple arson (who are not pagans, but who are often our allies in the cause of religious freedom). It may be the threats against the heathen market in Texas.

Perhaps it is the fact that some politicians and commentators talk about how they must defeat “America’s enemies” and in doing so encourage and empower those who want to commit acts of violence.

In his notes, Bergrune reminded us of the

words about making the shelter in the closets so we can recover, recover, and then join the fight to sustain the world, sustain lives, sustain people.

Our gods do not want martyrs. They want us to take care of ourselves and others. They want us to build a better world.

And sometimes that means wearing a mask and waiting to fight until the odds are in our favor.

After Tower Time, after Ragnarök, life goes on

Alexandra’s notes – which match my memory – record Loki saying:

You all know Tower Time has arrived: the tower is collapsing, but you can’t rebuild while the rubble is still there. Sometimes you can take it in a truck, sometimes you have to use dynamite – in metaphor, it’s a metaphor for life, you’re all smart and you’ll understand.

Odin spent so much time finding allies to keep things going after Ragnarök. He traded everything and stole knowledge. Baldur will come out of Helheim and revive life.

Bergrune – who wore Loki – recorded the same:

Odin traded everything and stole knowledge so there would be survivors/continuation after Ragnarök.

I know a little Norse mythology. I have only a superficial understanding of contemporary Ragnarök theology and cosmology, so I won’t comment on that.

I will say that over the past ten years, I’ve heard — first-hand and second-hand — that Odin and the Morrigan are on the same team, working toward the same goals, fighting different sides of the same battles. Whatever happens (and it should be understood as “currently happening” and not something in the distant future) is bigger than any mythology, bigger than any pantheon.

Some polytheists believe that the gods are so above us that they don’t care about our needs, our problems, our sufferings. I see the gods as After than us, but enough like us that we can identify with them, and they can identify us.

What’s coming – what’s here – isn’t fun, or enjoyable, or safe. But if we are on the side of our Gods, They will be on our side.

And it’s a good place to be.

Cultivate joy. Protect yourself – build a mask. And know that whatever happens, life goes on.


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