The hilarious Sunday morning comedy routine interrupted by a Bible verse


TULSA, OK — Local preacher Timothy Hodges erupted the crowd into violent laughter on Sunday before bombarding completely after referring to Mark 9:43. Many worshipers were immediately reminded that they were, in fact, at church and not at a comedy club.

“I have a stomach ache, I was laughing so much,” said Suzie Champlain. “He was talking about how stupid kids are. We can all relate to that. But then, out of nowhere, he started preaching from the Bible. It was kind of a mood killer.”

Experts speculate that the preacher intended to highlight the innocence of children looking for something they shouldn’t and how adults can have the same problem, but it’s not a product of an innocent nature. . Something that may seem like an innocent mistake can have serious consequences, like being sent into fiery torment for eternity.

Charles Williams, a newer member of the church, left the service early. “I didn’t understand. Why did he have to kill the mood?! I came here to laugh!”

Now the church leadership is scrambling to keep Charles on the membership roll.

“Next week we won’t have Bible verses, I promise! said Pastor Joe Thomas. “We want you all to be loved and laugh. It’s the best way to spread the gospel.”

Later, the preacher regretted opening his sermon by shouting, “ARE YOU READY TO LAUGH?

Satan held a press conference today in response to the great loss of Roe v. Wade. He does his best to hold his head high.

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