Students must bring the Bible to class; Christian school sparks next controversy – INDIA – GENERAL


BENGALURU: Amid religious disputes over hijab and halal, a school in Bengaluru has sparked another controversy. According to reports, Clarence High School in the capital has made it compulsory for students to bring the Bible to school. School authorities have ordered parents not to object to the rule. Parents are also required to sign a declaration in this regard upon admission.

Several right-wing organizations responded in the issue saying the school’s action is in violation of state education law. There are non-Christian students studying in the school who are forced to learn the Bible, said Hindu state spokesman Janajagruti Samithi, Mohan Gowda.

In the meantime, the school authorities have come forward to justify their decision. In the Grade 11 application form, there is a parent statement that parents should have no objection to their children taking classes, including the morning writing class and clubs, they said.

The move is aimed at improving the moral and spiritual well-being of the children, the school’s management said. Recently, the discussion about including the Bhagavad Gita in state school curricula had led to great controversy. The Chief Minister had said that a decision would be taken on the matter after discussions.


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