Students accuse sewing teacher of preaching during school hours in Kanyakumari, CEO orders investigation


Chenai: Kanyakumari Director of Education Pugazhendi on Wednesday ordered an investigation into allegations made by students against a sewing teacher that she preached a particular religion during class time at Kannatuvilai Public School.

According to a report by ABP Nadu, the students alleged that the teacher, Piyatris Thangam, attempted to preach Christianity during class time. They said the teacher forced them to sew a particular religious symbol before sewing other designs. They also said that the teacher forced them to offer prayers during class time.

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“The teacher keeps saying that the Bible is the best book while the Bhagwad Gita should not be followed. The teacher also preaches the opposite of the Bible,” a student quoted by the report said. ‘ABP Nadu.

Responding to the students’ accusation, Kanyakumari CEO Pugazhendi said that they had received information about some incidents at Kannatuvilai Government School and the matter would be looked into.

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He said, “I ordered the district education officer to visit the school and conduct an investigation. Once the details of the investigation are known, we will decide on the next course of action.

“While there is no ban on discussing or debating important topics with students, a particular religion should not be promoted or propagated among students,” the CEO said.

Pugazhendi also said action would be taken against the teacher if the allegations against her were found to be true.

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