Stop derailing development with messages about heaven and hell – Kyiri Abosom to Pastors


General news for Tuesday, July 26, 2022


Osofo Kyiri Abosom

The founder and leader of Life Assembly Worship Centre, Osofo Kyiri Abosom, encouraged pastors to preach messages to challenge their members towards the development of the country rather than “heaven and hell” to forever retard their progress in life.

For him, some pastors deceive their members with messages about heaven and hell to make money. He further explained that when pastors use the strategy of heaven and hell, it scares members to focus only on developing their prayer life rather than their surroundings.

Speaking on the mid-morning show Y’adwumanie, he insisted, “I, Kyiri Abosom, ask you not to believe these sermons about heaven and hell. Instead, focus on your life and live a righteous life to make you live longer. When you die, you are gone and nothing more.

He continued that the paradise we craved is on this earth, so it would be better to develop the country and make it one.

Kyiri Abosom cited an example that “white people developed their country, that’s why they portrayed it as nice and they bet you come”.

Continuing, the flag bearer of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) party said that “the Bible is only a reference” and it would be better if people stopped quoting the Bible and relieved themselves of poverty.

He thus said to the pastors: “you [the pastors] deceive people; you have deceived them from the memorial of time until now. This has caused many people to fail in life”.

“So for me, I believe that everything that happened in scripture is a story. For example, when Paul wrote a letter to Corinthian, is it the word of God? There are curtains on which we have to wake up because we are sleeping,” he advised.

Therefore, in his opinion, it would be better to do something that will yield good results to develop the country than to stick and follow these bible references and stay piled.

In the meantime, he warned the country’s pastors to renew their mindset and change their character.


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