Steph Curry Says Golden State Warriors Teammates Host Daily Bible Study

Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry wins his second NBA Championship in Game 5 with the Cleveland Cavaliers in Oakland, Calif. On June 12, 2017. |

Steph Curry says he and his Golden State Warriors teammates have formed a group of disciples and study the Bible daily.

In an interview with CBN’s “The 700 Club” on June 9, Curry spoke about the group reunion where he and about 10 teammates encourage each other with the scriptures.

“We have a group chat. We call it the disciple-making group where we share Bible verses every day and sort of do an SMS Bible study. Every game day we have probably 10 , 11 guys showing up for the 30-minute Bible study, prayer service, daily encouragement – that’s the most important thing, “said Curry.” You can get lost in the daily routines and the hype of what we do in the field and forget why we are here. “

For Curry and his Christian teammates, faith has helped forge a special bond. The Guard of the Warriors revealed that members of the discipleship group hold each other accountable and help each other along their spiritual journey when they are not on the basketball court.

“You ask anyone in their walk of faith – it’s about finding responsible partners and finding people who can encourage you in your walk. Knowing that no one is perfect,” he said. he declares. “We all have very similar temptations, struggles through [our] whole walk of faith. For us on the ground, we all grind and compete on the ground, so why not grind and also compete in our spiritual walk together. “

Just after the Warriors won their second NBA Championship in three years on Monday, Lakewood Church associate pastor John Gray revealed that he and his wife, Aventer Gray, were also serving as guides in the spiritual journeys of some of the men in the world. ‘team.

“[Aventer] and I have had the privilege of walking with a number of these men as they grow in Christ. Great basketball players, but I’m proud of them as men, as husbands and fathers, “he wrote.” It’s the legacy that will last. “


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