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ADVANCE – Her name is Susan Utsey (pronounced yoot-see), 67, and she and her husband, Louis, call 299 Kingsmill Drive “home” alongside their pet cockatoo, Boo.

They are a family of two with no parents in this condition. He served the community as a pharmacist at Kinderton Rite-Aid until his retirement at the end of July. He enjoys golf and gardening as he settles into this new season of life called retirement.

She was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and raised on her family farm. She appreciates the value of life, the preciousness of animals, and has a deep respect for those who serve and have served the country in various ways.

He enjoyed life in a small town in St. George, SC, where he grew up playing sports and his family owned a men’s clothing store.

Living in Hickory for over 20 years, Susan has been a public school educator at the elementary and middle school levels. At 44, she took an Outward Bound wilderness class in Linville Gorge with some of her eighth grade students. This led to a major Outward Bound Summer Program at Harvard University, which focused on service focused on students within a community.

A long-standing love of reading also propelled her to become a specialist in reading, tutoring struggling students and watching them soar.

They had their retirement years tentatively mapped out, but God showed them His best plan in 1997. He moved to Advance with Eckerd Drugs, and they quickly looked for a new home here because their Hickory home sold for cash, within a day, without being on the market.

The scriptures teach that “From one man God made all the nations of men, that they might dwell in all the earth, and He determined the times appointed for them and the exact places in which they should live” (Acts 17:26, New International Version).

In November 1997, they moved to 299 Kingsmill Drive and found good neighbors around them.

However, Susan’s professional career changed dramatically as in 1994, while teaching in eighth grade, she suffered from severe brain disease and was hospitalized for a 10-day coma. The diagnosis was viral encephalitis with the only known treatment drug flown in from the Center for Disease Control.

God restored her a measure of good health, but she quit her full-time teaching career a year later after much prayer. It was then, encouraged by Louis, that she began studying and serving with BSF (Bible Study Fellowship International), an interfaith Bible study with free classes in major cities around the world.

Susan’s spiritual growth flourished in this morning class of 500 women.

A priority during the move was to find a Winston-Salem class. There was only one evening class for women, so she signed up, marveling at the timing of the Scriptures that first week: “For we are the work of God, created in Jesus Christ to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do ”(Ephesians 2:10).

“Advance” jumped off the page for him, and this verse remains specially marked in his Bible.

Susan was amazed to learn that for 18 years many women in Winston-Salem had prayed for a morning class to be established. In the spring of 1998, he was prayerfully asked to teach and provide leadership training for such a startup. What a giant leap in faith after becoming a Christian at 42 years old.

Yet God knew what he wanted to do in this city, and she trusted him. After his extensive training in Texas, one of his first responsibilities was to find a local church willing to host weekly Bible study for women and young children.

Flashing back to Christmas Day 1997, when Louis and Susan – new to the area and with no family here – opened his table to others who had nowhere to go. Louis invited a newly relocated Soviet couple he had met during an interview with the woman for a job position. During the conversation, the husband asked what area of ​​work Susan was in, and she just mentioned Bible study, looking for a place to hold classes.

Months passed. His phone rang, the caller being the pastor of a Moravian church who explained that a visitor asked him for time to speak openly in his church last week. This man was Russian, eager to thank God out loud for an American couple who had welcomed them into their home on Christmas Day.

So the pastor concluded, “Susan, you made them welcome. I welcome your Bible study group to our church.

Astonished by the pure power of God, this BSF class still serves today, and Susan strongly encourages everyone to learn more about bsfinternational.org.

Susan left BSF due to health issues in 2011, but discovered that God had so much more for her.

At 62, she learned to swim. Now, six days a week, you’ll find her at a local pool exercising in hot water thanks to the Shepherds Center.

At 64, thanks to another god-given opportunity, she completed a two-year seminary program through Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and now teaches Bible retreats, conferences, and even breakfasts.

She runs a weekly Bible study at her home on Thursdays, 4 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., free for everyone. Come honor God and his Word.


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