Son Heung-Min’s Dad Refuses To Call Him “World Class” And Demands More From His Career


Son Heung Min‘s father has claimed his son is not a world-class player and worries “a crisis is on the way” if complacency sets in.

He played a key role in Spurs’ resurgence under Antonio Tale and their qualification for the Champions League.

Despite it all, son Woong-jung demands more and wants it to be at least “10% better” at all times.

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By CGTN New he said, “He (Son Heung Min) must work harder and make more progress.

“If he’s happy with what he’s achieved now, the crisis is on his way. He always has to try to do better to stay in the best shape, don’t you think? Instead of being happy to stay where he is, I always want him to be 10% better.

“Instead of being happy to stay where he is, I always want him to be 10% better.”

29-Age was as humble as ever, bowing to congratulating fans.

His father was also a professional footballer and offered advice on how his son could improve.

“He’s scored a lot of goals this year, but that doesn’t mean he’ll do the same next year.

“Only those who stay prepared can survive hardship. He must face everything with a cautious mind and cannot afford to be too proud.”

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

salah was on 22 and scored against Wolverhampton Wanderers, which saw Son humorously asking for updates on his rival mid game.

post game he told reporters: “It’s amazing to have this award. I can’t believe it. I got very emotional. I dreamed about it when I was a kid. Literally, it’s in my hands. I can’t believe it.”


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