Savannah Guthrie on her favorite bible verse, a must-see place to pray


Savannah took a moment to explain why this particular verse really resonates with her and said it is “deeply nurturing, nurturing and nurturing.”

“I love the verse because it’s a time when you just allow yourself to soak up and stay in the love of God. It is so powerful. When you feel loved and delighted and rejoiced, how can you? do you do anything other than go out into the world and spread it around? ” she said.

Some people have a special place they like to pray, including Savannah, but the TODAY co-host also explained that she tries to find time for prayer wherever she is.

“I always pray in a certain way, always in a conversation with God. Lately it’s in the back of the car on my way to work. I pray at night before I fall asleep,” she said. declared.

While studying law and working as a freelance journalist, Savannah also had a special place where she loved to talk to God.

“I would get up early, sit in my father’s old green leather armchair, have my coffee with my Bible and my journal, and spend a few moments of reflection and prayer,” she said. “I don’t have that anymore because I get up so early. I don’t get up a minute early! But I need to find some very intentional times to do it. God is good and find me where I am. am.”

For Savannah, music is one of the ways she enjoys connecting with God, and she has a playlist of old hymns that she grew up with and enjoys playing.

“In a fun world, sometimes it is as easy as putting on your headphones and listening to a hymn you love. I think God is very generous and uses all we can offer in terms of time and attention. . He meets us where we are, “she said.

When Guideposts asked Savannah what she would like an interviewer to ask her, she said she would like the chance to talk about her faith more often.

“I love to talk about the love of God. I love to talk about how we all struggle and make this journey together. So you can write that the only thing I would like to talk about more is the thing that we talked about. for that the entire interview, “she said.

In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, Savannah also revealed that there was one topic she prayed about quite often.

“The main thing I always pray for is to make sure that I come to an interview with sincerity and good faith, after doing my homework,” she said. “I think this is the best I can give to this person who has agreed to be interviewed and who may be going through a difficult time.”


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