Sauce Gardner sub-tweeted Elijah Moore with a Bible verse?


Jets head coach Robert Saleh said all the right things about Elijah Moore following the wide receiver’s trade request on Thursday, and Moore has since deleted several questionable tweets surrounding the situation.

However, it seems very possible that Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner, all six games of his NFL career, confused everyone Friday morning on Twitter with this quoted Bible verse:

Some on Twitter saw it as a sub-tweet to Moore, while some saw it as a measure of Gardner portraying himself as the frontman of another young player, and others took the opportunity to dunk. Gardner for wearing a cheese head hat at Lambeau Field after the Jets’ win on Sunday.

Whichever camp you fall on, it’s an interesting juxtaposition that Gardner’s pinned Tweet says “Being a man of God and a follower of Christ is my biggest flex,” but his feed is full of retweets making the promotion of its achievements.

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