Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Who Texted Maria?


Roswell, New Mexico has left us full of thoughts over the past seven episodes! From the evil new alien trio to the disappearance of Alex, there’s been a lot to talk about. Now things are finally moving forward as the group is about to discover that Alex is, in fact, missing. but how did it happen? Let’s review what we learned about Roswell, New Mexico season 4, episode 7, “Dig Me Out”.

Throughout the episode, the gang continued their separate journeys. With Max now helpless and Liz making time to go visit Rosa in New York, he and Michael work together to try and continue to get more information from Clyde. They believe they can still get him on their side in order to figure out the third thing he needs to get home.

Dallas and Isobel also continue to try to find out where Theo’s glasses are. They do this by stepping into a hot tub so he can use the water as a conduit for the mindscape.

In the mindscape, they learn that there were concerns about Dallas staying out of his pod, while also learning that they were escaping from Isobel’s teacher on Oasis.

Roswell, New Mexico season 4 episode 7 brings revelations for several characters

When Dallas was put in danger, it was concluded that Theo needed to put him back in his pod to protect him from Jones. There are a lot of new things we learned in this episode as well, especially about Roy Bronson.

He had tried to buy his own land, but was turned down because he was black. However, he got around this problem by buying the land in someone else’s name, specifically Walt Sanders.

Isobel, Max, and Michael arrive at the site, but cannot find a spacecraft. Instead, they find Tezca, towering over them, and Isobel remembers more of the woman, who was, in fact, the teacher they were hiding from.

While the trio deal with Tezca, Bonnie has gone to distract Clyde. But then it becomes apparent that he had the upper hand the whole time. He was actually following the gang in order to follow Dallas’ journey to Theo’s Bible and his glasses.

These were the objects he was looking for all the time, not a spaceship. To punish Bonnie, he drives her into the cosmic quicksand that Dallas has just encountered. Dallas himself is also sent to quicksand and finds himself in a cave, finding a familiar necklace that we saw someone else wearing when he went missing weeks ago.

Liz spent the episode in New York with Rosa, but while having dinner with Shivani, things go awry. She admits to feeling out of place and Rosa reminds her to be herself. Rosa herself was able to do it in New York and she tells him to do the same for herself.

Maria finds out who was actually trying to communicate with her

Back home, Liz finds Maria at the Crashdown. After encountering more bizarre phenomena, including a floating feather and the jukebox playing music, she had come to the restaurant to clear her head.

When they spy on a spilled milkshake that turns out to be Alex’s favorite flavor, Maria realizes that it’s Alex who’s always been trying to communicate with her. Liz fears this means he is actually dead.

Is Alex dead? We really hope not! Especially if we saw that Dallas was sent to another place when he went through quicksand. Perhaps the same thing happened to Alex, and he tried to communicate with his relatives. But then again, how could he do that?

Now that someone knows Alex is missing, we’re ready to see them bring him home, especially now with another friend in danger as well. But first, someone has to tell Michael.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Roswell, New Mexico Season 4, Episode 7. When do you think they’ll find Alex?

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