‘Resident Evil Re:Verse’ Seems Set For Imminent Release Date Reveal


When it comes to resident Evil Reverse, things have been eerily quiet. Officially announced in January 2021, Reverse was originally due to come out alongside Resident Evil Villagee in May 2021 before being postponed to July, and finally to an undisclosed date in 2022.

Yes Reverse never sees the light of day, Resident Evil Village owners should still receive a free copy of the title, but updates are rare. The game was announced as part of Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary celebrations. A beta period of Reverse followed the announcement in early 2021 and here we are well over a year later with nothing to show for it.

This devoted fan created replicas of the franchise’s virus vials. Take a look at the amazing craft below.

It finally looks like Reverse took a step closer to release, but we’re really talking small steps here. Spotted by Gematsu, Reverse received its Stadia age rating in Europe in the past few days after receiving its PlayStation, Xbox and PC age ratings a year ago.

It’s not long and now that we’re moving fast through the year, the updates are far too lacking for my liking, but this is the first sign of hope we’ve received since the delay was announced. Stadia’s age rating proves that Reverse still exists and needs to receive version updates behind the scenes.

To recap, Resident Evil Re:Verse is a multiplayer game that will allow players to take on the role of major characters from Capcom’s legendary franchise, including Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Scott Kennedy, Ada Wong and Chris Redfield.

With the game now officially rated across all release platforms, we can only assume that means the game is almost ready for release, so we expect news to drop soon. In the meantime, our eyes will remain firmly fixed Reversesocial media accounts.


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