Regarding Borowicz’s messages; Republican governor would be a disaster for PA


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Regarding Borowicz’s messages

I met State Representative Stephanie Borowicz at a polling station and engaged her in a conversation for a brief period. When the topic was climate change, she seemed distraught and started quoting the Bible. She also seemed unable to understand that I had no formal religion.

If Borowicz met the little brown-skinned Jew who is her personal savior, she would be shocked if he saw her as anti-Christian. Which of the Beatitudes do you think she subscribes to? Happy are gun owners because they are statistically twice as likely to be killed by a gun as non-gun owners. Blessed are the unvaccinated for they will suffer and die nine times faster than the vaccinated.

The newsletter I received from her was to encourage her riding to die. Not getting the vaccine is choosing “freedom” over the necessary way to protect yourself and others from a deadly pandemic that has now killed more Americans than the entire population of Wyoming.

Rather than a Christian, she is a follower of worship. A cult based on an obvious career criminal with virtually no redemptive features. A human failure that has never loved or been loved but is now revered, at least in appearance, by politicians who put their careers before saving the lives of American citizens. Keller, Corman and Thompson are also guilty of it, their honor forever tarnished.

Geoffrey Godbey, State College

Lots of stakes with the next governor

The saying “it is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future” is attributed to Yogi Berra. Who can chat with Yogi?

However, residents of Pennsylvania can easily and accurately predict a gruesome future if a Republican is elected governor next year.

If Republicans continue to hold a majority in both houses of the state legislature and we end up with a Republican governor, then we can credibly predict what will happen: Pennsylvanians will live in a state that will behave like Arizona, Texas, Florida. , and others where Republicans hold all the power. Only Democratic Governor Wolf is preventing this from happening now.

While we don’t know who will be on the ballot in 2022, we can surely predict that, if elected, a GOP Governor will allow and reinforce the worst behaviors of people like Jake Corman, Doug Mastriano, Cris Dush, Kerry Benninghoff and others. whose game plan is to steal our elections, suppress the vote, wage war on women and children, and ignore science.

It is no coincidence that states with a Republican “trio” behave this way; This is exactly what they are doing. Don’t think for a minute that it can’t happen here. This is what Republicans do in every state where they have unchecked power.

Voters, beware! Now decide not to let a Republican become our next governor.

Difficult to predict the future? On this point, Yogi could be wrong. If we elect a Republican governor, we know exactly what will happen and it will be a disaster for Pennsylvania.

Mary Bruce Serene, State College

The real loss of freedom

I was very annoyed by Mrs. Gardner’s letter of September 30th. I have read other letters of this type in which the words, socialism and freedom, are so abused and misused that they are separated from their original meaning. These epithets are now simply used as empty weapons against those of us who believe that government has an important role to play in protecting its citizens from a scourge. How fortunate we are that after millennia of ignorance, human genius can finally understand the nature of viruses and devise ways to combat them. The current COVID plague could have been stopped last summer by vaccinations and masks if only people like Ms Gardner had put aside political biases and taken advantage of these scientific wonders and done the responsible thing of helping her. fellow citizens. A loss of freedom, you say? What about my loss of freedom and those like me who have spent 18 precious months of their life under house arrest, unable to go to the movies, the theater, concerts, restaurants, on their own? office, or to travel, to invite friends. or to attend family and social gatherings? That, rather than having to wear a piece of cloth over your head in public, is a real loss of freedom.

Toby Carlson, State College


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