Rainbow pedestrian crossing vandalized with bible verse / LGBTQ Nation


A Rainbow Crosswalk in CanadaPhoto: Shutterstock

A rainbow crosswalk in Port Colborne, Canada has been defaced by a bible verse and is being repainted to repair the damage. The crosswalk was damaged just days after it was installed.

The unknown fanatic left Genesis 9:13, a verse commonly used to claim that the LGBTQ community stole the rainbow from God. Christian activists have launched a campaign to “reclaim” the rainbow.

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“I have placed my rainbow in the clouds,” the verse reads, “and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of all kinds. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.

Local resident Austin Gooder pointed out the ridiculous motivation behind petty crime.

“If the rainbow is a divine sign,” he told local news, “then the people who vandalize a rainbow crosswalk are vandalizing a sign from God. logical contradiction.

Many North American cities have permanent rainbow crosswalks.

West Hollywood got theirs in 2012 (though they were originally only for Pride Month), Vancouver got them in 2013, Toronto got theirs in 2014 for World Pride, San Francisco and Toronto got their permanent rainbow crosswalks in the same year, Seattle got 11 in its Capitol Hill neighborhood in 2015, Philadelphia also installed theirs in 2015, and Ottawa and Long Beach installed theirs in 2016.

Atlanta, Florida, New Jersey, and Phoenix all recently installed permanent rainbow crosswalks.

While gateways are a brilliant and inexpensive way to show support for local LGBTQ people, they are also prime targets for vandals seeking to upset queer communities. Rainbow crosswalks have been spat out and vandalized with swastikas and “Christian” graffiti.

Earlier this summer, a Trump-loving vandal caused more than $ 16,000 in damage to a Florida city’s new rainbow crosswalk.

In May, students at Royal Bay High School in Colwood, British Columbia, discovered that hateful words like “queer” and “fucking gays” had been graffiti on their crosswalk in a rainbow flag. sky, as well as drawings of genitals and other words.


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