Public school closes optional Bible classes after single parent complains


A Michigan public school canceled an offsite Bible class after a complaint from a single parent, prompting an outcry from Christian parents who enrolled their children in the class.

Children at Daisy Brook Elementary School, a public elementary school in Fremont, Michigan, were barred from attending “Bible Release Time” class held at the local Fremont Wesleyan Church, FoxNews reported.

Prior to its closure, the class was attended by approximately 100 of the primary school’s 400 children.

The Bible lesson was optional, required parental approval, and only took place during lunchtime, according to Christian titles.

Armed with a parent’s complaint, the Michigan Civil Rights Activists Association sent a letter to the school district, warning that the Bible course “is clearly designed to promote and support a particular religion, pastor, and church. , and is therefore unconstitutional”. the approval of religion.”

The law firm said the class was “discriminatory and violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

Many parents disagree.

“I don’t think it’s a violation of the First Amendment,” mother Britney TerVeer told Fox News. “It’s not on school property. Parents must sign their children. It’s completely optional.”

“Just because other religions don’t offer this stuff in school doesn’t mean it’s unfair to take that away from the Christian religion,” said parent Britney TerVeer. WZZM 13. “I have raised my children in a Christian family all my life, and I would like to continue in this way.”

According to its organizers, “Bible Release Time” is a program authorized by Michigan law.

Under this program, a school van picks up children from school to take them to the Fremont Wesleyan Church, where Pastor John Perkins leads the Bible lesson.

Meanwhile, a legal group representing Fremont Wesleyan Church sent a letter Friday to the Fremont Public Schools superintendent hoping he will reverse the school district’s decision to halt the Bible course, the Christian News Network reported.

“[W]We believe the school’s decision is illegal and we respectfully request that it be reversed immediately,” reads the letter sent by law firm Rickard, Denney, Garno & Associates, which is allied with the freedoms organization. Religious Alliance Defending Freedom.

Superintendent Ken Haggart said the decision was made under the advice of school district prosecutors.


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