Princess Charlene received messages of support after sharing a new photo of herself


Andrea Caamano

Princess Charlene is still recovering from his “final” operation, but over the weekend, she shared a photo of herself that fans rushed to send their best wishes.

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Speaking to Instagram, the mother-of-two posted a photo showing her alongside Misuzulu kaZwelithini, the current head of the Zulu royal family, and wrote alongside her: “Thank you for your kindness and support. Bayede Nkosi “followed by a red heart emoji.

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Hundreds of fans of the Monegasque royal have taken to the comments section, with many wishing her a speedy recovery. “Thank you for your beautiful soul, your love for South Africa and its people. Please follow your truth,” one wrote, while another remarked: “Courage princess, we love you , God bless you.”

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A third added, “It’s good to see you so beautiful, but increase your strength!” “


Princess Charlene and Misuzulu kaZwelithini

The royal has been stranded in South Africa since May as she continues to battle an ENT infection, and earlier this month she underwent a “final” operation that should see her return to Monaco.

Speaking to Instagram last week, the 43-year-old shared a clip from the podcast, in which she opened up about the infection and her hopes of returning to Monaco soon.


The royal said she hopes to be reunited with her family in Monaco soon

“I came to South Africa to oversee some foundation projects,” she explained. “I was not well then, without knowing it, and I had an infection which was treated immediately.”

She continued: “Unfortunately, it stuck me to the ground for a few months here in South Africa. I had my only procedure, it was very successful and I feel a lot stronger.

“I have another procedure and can’t wait to come home with my children who I miss terribly and think if there is a mom who has been apart from her children for months, will feel the same than me.”


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