PHOTOS: Dawson County High School Celebrates Class of 2022


On Friday, May 20, hundreds of people gathered at Dawson County High School Football Stadium to celebrate the graduates of the DCHS Class of 2022.

DCHS graduates take to the football field at the start of the high school’s class of 2022 commencement ceremony on May 20.
– photo by Erica Jones

The launch ceremony included the presentation of the colors by the DCHS JROTC Color Guard, the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem performed by the DCHS Chamber Singers, and speeches by senior officers, DCHS Principal Michael Negley, Salutatorian Jacob Hamil, valedictorian Megan Wright and superintendent Damon Gibbs.

In his speech to the Class of 2022, Negley congratulated the graduates on their accomplishments and the accolades they earned over the past year. She encouraged them to take the next step in their lives with the skills and knowledge they learned in high school, but never forget the community they come from.

“Whatever you do and wherever you settle down, remember one thing: once a Tiger, always a Tiger,” Negley said. “It’s time to spread your wings, class of 2022, but never forget your roots. You will always be in my heart and in my mind, and I will continue to pray daily for each of you. I am so proud of you. Congratulations.”


DCHS graduates smile and wave their diplomas after riding across the state during the DCHS Class of 2022 commencement ceremony on May 20. Photo by Will Jones.

In his speech to his fellow graduates, Hamil recalled his high school experience and the challenges he overcame, encouraging them to remember everything they learned during their time in the school system. Dawson County.

“As we leave this time together one last time as a senior class, may we remember all that brought us together, all that we achieved, the memories we made, the struggles, the moments happy and may we look forward to a bright and prosperous future,” said Hamil.

Wright also recounted several memories from his time in Dawson County High School, thanking his classmates and teachers for their support and friendship during his high school career.

“I will forever cherish my friends and the time we spent together, and I will always remember the teachers who laughed with me, shared their own memories with me, and taught me invaluable life lessons,” Wright said. . “Don’t forget your time in high school, but don’t forget about growing as a person and making new memories. Reflect on the lessons you learned here and use them to improve yourself and your community.


Dawson County Superintendent Damon Gibbs speaks during the launch ceremony for the DCHS Class of 2022 on May 20. Photo by Will Jones.

She added that the lessons and memories she and the rest of the graduates take away from DCHS will be the cornerstone of their future, whatever that may look like.

“From now on, none of us will have the same future,” Wright said. “We’ve shared many moments of our schooling so far, but as we divide into countless different journeys, remember your time in Dawson County High School and learn from it. Learn to be grateful, learn to use your skills, and learn to leave the world better than you found it.

In his final commencement address as superintendent before retiring, Gibbs expressed his gratitude to the school board, teachers and professors, students and parents of the Dawson County school system.

In his address, Gibbs advised graduates to be the best people they can be, to look to the Bible for answers, to be aware that there are good and bad people in the world, to be financially responsible, to find a job and to gain a solid understanding of their personal life. responsibility. Closing his speech, Gibbs encouraged graduates to always remember where they came from and thanked the school system for their support throughout his eight years as superintendent.


DCHS graduates, faculty and family members celebrate and watch the fireworks at the end of the DCHS Class of 2022 commencement ceremony on May 20.
– photo by Erica Jones

“I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be here tonight and wish you nothing but the best for the future,” Gibbs said. “We leave here tonight stronger than ever. No matter where you go, never forget where you came from. Once a tiger, always a tiger. I pray that God bless you in your next chapter of life. I love you Dawson County – thank you for an amazing eight years.

The speeches were followed by the presentation of the diplomas and the transfer of the pom poms on the caps of the graduates from right to left to symbolize their official graduation. The launch ceremony ended with a performance by the Alma Mater of Dawson County, and the graduates threw their caps in the air as fireworks erupted at the end of the football field.

See below for more photos from the Dawson County High School Class of 2022 commencement ceremony.


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