Philadelphia’s World-Class Faith and Freedom Discovery Center Appoints Rob Wonderling as New Executive Director, Pursuing ‘Mission-Based’ Career


Business, government and civic leaders join FLDC after 13 years as CEO of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA CREAM , May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center (FLDC), a state-of-the-art museum that highlights the profound impact faith has had on American history and current affairs, today announced the appointment of Rob Wonderlingformer Pennsylvania State Senator and current CEO of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce Greater Philadelphiaas the new Executive Director of FLDC.

Philadelphia Faith & Liberty Discovery Center appoints Chamber of Commerce CEO Rob Wonderling New Executive director

The addition of Wonderling gives the FLDC, an affiliate of the American Bible Society (ABS), a leader as committed to service and economic development throughout his career as he is to his faith. Wonderling will spearhead efforts to increase local, state and national visibility, visitation and community engagement for the Center. It will also help advance the vision of seeing Americans engaged with the Bible and inspired by its life-changing message, leading to a renewal of civility, gratitude, kindness, generosity, and selfless service to the common good.

Wonderling’s first official day with the FLDC will be 1st of Julysta few days before the first anniversary of the full opening of the FLDC in 2021 in philadelphia cream. The FLDC is located on Independence Mall near the Liberty Bell at the NE corner of 5and and market streets.

“I walked in faith for a long time. I truly believe the Bible can change hearts, minds, lives, communities – and a city and a nation for the better,” Wonderling said. “I really wanted to get into something that would be helpful and helpful and innovative and creative…that’s the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center!”

Wonderling will be a practical leader and public face of the Center while activating a network of business and community leaders built over three decades in private enterprise and public service. Much like his time in the House, Wonderling believes the FLDC can be a catalytic partner with business, government, and civic leaders in the Greater Philadelphia area to transform communities with civility, social impact, and growth.

“I am a very mission-oriented person and this is God‘s perfect time to allow me, through the leadership model of a servant, to help achieve the vision and mission of ABS and the Center,” Wonderling said. “And that ranges from moving a hundred million Americans over the next decade into a routine relationship with the Bible to ensuring we have standing crowds at the FLDC.”

Wonderling joined the Chamber of Commerce in 2009 with a program to advance businesses in the region, including strengthening opportunities for entrepreneurs and minority-owned businesses. During its tenure, the House:

  • Implementation of an international initiative to establish Greater Philadelphia as a global leader in healthcare innovation, cell and gene therapy companies, and as a premier talent hub.

  • Launched a city-wide advocacy initiative called the “Neighborhood Growth Project” which focuses on a multifaceted pro-growth policy agenda designed to lift people out of poverty and make the necessary investments in the people of the city and its future.

  • We significantly expanded the Chamber’s highly successful CEO Access Network to connect minority CEOs and entrepreneurs to drive business growth and create economic opportunity.

  • Successfully advocated for inclusive job growth policies and legislation at federal, state and local levels of government.

  • Most recently, he coordinated the regional public/private effort to develop and implement the inclusive economic recovery plan for the city and Greater Philadelphia area.

“There is no better or more qualified person to lead the next phase of Faith and Liberty Discovery Center’s growth and development than Rob,” said Robert L. Briggs, chairman of the board of trustees of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center and CEO of the American Bible Society. “His record of growth and innovation in the city and region speaks for itself, and his vision for how the Center can continue to inspire and champion the connection between faith and freedom across the United States. Unis is perfectly aligned with this growth and innovation.”

From 2002 to 2009, Wonderling served in the Pennsylvania State Senate, where he served as chairman of the communications and technology committee and then chairman of the transportation committee. He also served in the executive branch of state government in the Ridge-Schweiker administration as Undersecretary of Transportation, where he was responsible for improving the operation and efficiency of PennDOT’s 5,000 employees responsible for highway maintenance. He has also held executive positions in private sector companies related to technology, energy and the environment.

Wonderling has been active and recognized for his service in a wide range of extracurricular activities and organizations related to community health, higher education, technology, banking and environmental stewardship.

Wonderling colleagues and associates over the years have hailed the move.

“I’ve worked with Rob for years, and he will be a powerful addition to both the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center and the Historic District’s overall tourism efforts,” said James CuoratoPresident and CEO at Independence Visitor Center Corporation. “Drawing on his years of experience with the Chamber and his prolific network will only serve to be a rising tide that lifts all boats.”

Said former philadelphia cream Mayor, Rev. dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr.“I’ve known Rob as a public servant, business leader and man of faith for over thirty years and couldn’t think of a better mix of skills and vision to bring to an emerging voice like Faith and Freedom. Discovery Center Rob’s stewardship will balance the growth of the Center with the mission to deepen the relationship of philadelphia cream citizens and beyond with the Bible.”

About the Faith and Freedom Discovery Center
The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center (FLDC) is a technologically immersive, state-of-the-art museum that inspires visitors to explore the relationship between faith and freedom in American history, from the nation’s founding to today. Located on Independence Mall near Liberty Bell at the NE corner of 5and and Market Streets, the FLDC is an affiliate of the American Bible Society. Opened in 2021, the Center’s immersive journey shines a light on the profound impact faith has had on American history. With an interactive lamp in hand, visitors can explore the museum and capture fascinating content that can be explored more online anytime, anywhere. The museum is an inspiring destination that tells the story of our nation’s birth and how America’s leaders repeatedly turned to the Bible to guide them through history.

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