Pastoral training course completed in Guangzhou


The Guangzhou CC & TSPM pastoral class in the third quarter of 2022 was held at the Guangdong Union Theological Seminary as scheduled.

From August 29 to September 1, more than 70 pastoral staff from churches in Guangzhou participated in the study, aiming to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, Guangzhou CC&TSPM reported.

Rev. Yue Qinghua, president of Fujian Theological Seminary, gave a lecture on “Planning in Church Management” and “Organization in Church Management.” Citing acts of planning in the Old Testament and New Testament, Reverend Yue combined examples of pastoral church management to explain the importance of analysis and planning, emphasizing that church administrators church must have a clear vision, adjust measures to local conditions and plan carefully. The organization is the solid support to ensure that the planning is carried out as planned. Yue explained the importance, evolution, functions and purposes of organizations, organization and church management, and ideal church organizations.

Rev. Lin Delai, Vice President of Fujian CC&TSPM and Vice President of Fujian Theological Seminary, then gave a lecture on “Church Leadership and Management.” He clearly emphasized that leadership and management are inseparable, as good church management cannot be separated from a competent leader. Unlike other organizations, pastors, as leaders of the church, must be “spiritual leaders”, which makes a demand for training pastors’ staff. Based on the teachings of the Bible, Lin explained the relationship between church leadership and church management in various aspects such as the creation process, priesthood and church ministry, in order to improve the ability to lead the church and improve the level. to run the church.

Dr. Chen Yu, a full-time teacher at Guangdong Union Theological Seminary, gave a lecture on “Paul’s Theology.” Dr. Chen analyzed the significant impact of Paul’s theology on the development of Christianity based on the book of Acts, the Pauline epistles and three missionary journeys, guiding pastoral personnel to reflect on their own history of faith and their devotional will.

In this course, pastoral staff discussed questions after each study in groups, leading mutual learning and sharing through group reports.

Because this pastoral class coincided with the opening day of the Guangdong Union Theological Seminary, all teachers and students participated in the flag-raising ceremony of the opening ceremony.

– Translated by Livingstones Shi


Pastoral training course completed in Guangzhou


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