Pastor till late looking for a perfect bible verse to go along with a fun anecdote about life


COSTA MESA, CA – In order to make his next Sunday post as entertaining as possible, a local pastor plans to stay up late in search of the perfect Bible verse to complete the hilarious personal experience he wants to share.

“I remembered this really funny story from high school, and I can’t wait to share it as the centerpiece of my sermon,” said Pastor Ryan Ehart of SynergyChurch. “The trickiest part is finding a Bible verse that I can somehow tie into to make it, you know, more ‘spiritual’.”

Pastor Ehart finds his messages always seem to resonate and elicit a more positive reaction from congregants when he focuses on making them laugh and hitting them with quirky one-liners and amusing anecdotes. Filling his explanatory preaching sermons with large sections of scripture, while thought-provoking and more spiritually beneficial for listeners, just doesn’t seem to go down so well with the crowds. Some participants, however, are still hoping for something more substantial.

“I’ve been going through a tough time in my life lately, so I look forward to some guidance when I come to church on Sunday mornings,” said Caleb Olla, who has been attending SynergyChurch for nearly three years. “Most of the time, however, it seems Pastor Ehart’s sermons feel like humorous routine. If only there was a source I could turn to for wisdom and direction. And better jokes.”

At the time of publication, Pastor Ehart was getting closer to finding that perfect Bible verse to fit his personal story. “If I can’t really find one that works perfectly, I’ll just take a verse and tweak it to find it more useful. That works too.”

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