Pastor of Santa Clarita leads Bible study for Kanye West


Adam Tyson, senior pastor at Placerita Bible Church, has been seen sharing sermons across the country to the masses gathered at Kanye West’s Sunday service events over the past several months, and he recently shared that he also ran a weekly Bible study for the rap superstar.

Tyson was interviewed on The Pure Flix Podcast, where he described how he came into contact with West, his experience preaching at Kanye’s Sunday services, and what the pastor’s next step is in his collaboration with the famous West.

The 43-year-old preacher’s path to ministry began when he decided to give up his career as a medical assistant in Savannah, Georgia, after continuing to become more involved with his local church.

This decision ultimately led him to the Master’s Seminary, where he obtained his Masters in Divinity and Doctorate in Ministry, according to his biography.

Tyson then led a congregation of several hundred people to Placerita Bible Church in Santa Clarita, but his reach was about to get much bigger when a member of his church who works in the music industry invited West to attend.

“He came,” Tyson said. “And I didn’t even know he was there, I was just preaching in the distance. He kind of walked in and slipped away.

Members of the congregation told Tyson after the service that West had been there, and he was surprised but assumed it was the last time they would see him. However, this assumption would prove to be incorrect.

“So he comes back the second week – same thing.” Then he skipped a week, then he came a third week. After the third week he hung around the back of the church, and when I was done preaching he (said), ‘Hey, pastor, can I talk to you?’ Tyson said. “And we had a 15 minute conversation where he was so excited to tell me what God was teaching him, how Christ had changed him and wanted to talk more about it.”

This first conversation took place on the first weekend of June, and it sparked a fellowship between Tyson and West as the two began to meet weekly to discuss their faith.

“After meeting several times, we decided to start a Bible study,” Tyson said. “So while he was still in the LA area, we started a Bible study Tuesday night, and I would just come down and preach the gospel, preach the word, and do a little question-and-answer.”

According to Tyson, Bible study attendance was typically 20 to 50 people.

When West informed Tyson that he had bought a ranch in Cody, Wyoming and was moving there, Tyson assumed that would be the end of their Bible study, but to his surprise, West asked him to continue the study.

Tyson agreed and has now made several trips to visit the ranch for their weekly study, which has also resulted in Tyson providing commentary to West on the lyrics of the songs for his upcoming album, “Jesus is King”.

“It’s not like I’m writing the song; that’s all his job. He’s the kind of complete creative guy who’s the musician, ”Tyson said. “I’m just commenting on how I see it and how to articulate the gospel more clearly and then how to include a worship component, which was his idea.”

West made similar comments publicly, including stating that he only intended to do gospel music in the future, and Tyson confirmed the belief behind West’s statements.

“That’s right. He just wants to sing Christian music. I asked him what he wanted to do and he (said),” I want to take all my time, all my talent, all my resources to sing for God, “Tyson said.” So we talked specifically about secular music versus Christian music, and he (said), “From now on, all I want to do is serve Christ. . I want every song I sing to have a part of my testimony, include the gospel, and include the element of worshiping our great God. That’s what I want to do.

West’s desire to share gospel music with his audiences can be seen in his Sunday Service performances, which he has brought to locations across the country including Detroit, New York and Coachella, among others.

The “service” typically includes a full church choir, sparse performances by West himself of his own songs, frequently with lyrics updated to reflect his more spiritual direction, and now includes a short sermon by Tyson.

“He’s committed to doing Sunday service every weekend. It’s an interesting thing. It’s really a social phenomenon, ”Tyson said.

Tyson says the response to his posts has been overwhelmingly positive, whether from the choir, members of the crowd, or West himself.

“We only take it one week at a time. He wanted my advice on what Sunday service will be like in the future, ”Tyson said. “I shared with him some thoughts on what we are doing and how to continue. We are just talking about it and praying for the wisdom of God.

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