Otunumen Productions Launches New Bible Verse Games, Word and LivinWord, on Amazon


Christians are always looking for new ways to enjoy and significantly improve their faith. But until now, there were no board games that helped Christians learn or enjoy their Bible verses. Offering a fun and interactive new way to learn the Bible, The Word and the LivinWord are now available on Amazon.

Originally conceived in a dream with God, the games have been developed over the past few years by daytime accountant Catherine Osilama. She promised God she would understand what the message meant and eventually she succeeded (while also getting her doctorate) and developed a new game like nothing on the market today. Taking Christians on a biblical journey from Genesis to Revelation, The Word and Living Word allows all players to complete their journey by knowing different Bible verses from the various books of the Old and New Testaments .

The Word is based on the New King James Bible, the first English translation of the Bible and the standard Bible for Protestant denominations. The LivinWord is based on the Catholic Bible, the first Latin translation, which contains seven additional books of the Old Testament and is used in Catholic churches. The game comes with 50 initial verses to start the game and additional sets of verses have been developed. While the first games are available in English, a Spanish translation has been developed and other languages ​​are on the way.

Word and LivinWord games are great for Christian family game night, having fun at Bible study, or introducing new verses to Sunday School students. It’s perfect for unplugging, spending some quality time together, and focusing on your Christian faith in an easy-to-digest way. Learn your verses or watch your loved ones deepen their faith with a simple and fun board game. Learn the Word!

For more information, please visit https://otunumenproductions.com

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