of END TIME REVELATION” is a moving devotional study that aims to properly divide the Word of God


“A Cowboy Bible Study: of END TIME REVELATION”: a thought-provoking work that divides the Word of God to bring a clearer look at end-time revelation. “A Cowboy Bible Study: of END TIME REVELATION” is the creation of published author Mike Coe, a writer who began a boy’s ministry in 1976. He is still alive and well in the hands of godly men with a passion to see the lost saved. Now he takes care of his aging father and what was left of their ranch.

Coe shares, “The title of this book comes from the one from which it is taken; a group of believing cowboys who want to know what the Bible really says about the return of Jesus Christ to planet Earth. John, the revelator, was in the “Spirit” on the Lord’s Day when he heard a loud voice speak to him as if to the sound of a trumpet. The voice said to him: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. What you see, write it down in a book and send it to the seven churches that are in Asia.’ It is clear that God wanted to send a message to believers. It is this message that we at Cowboy Country Fellowship seek to understand.

“In our world today, we have many people teaching on the book of Revelation. Our problem is that they cannot all be right! Some are teaching a pre-tribulation rapture. Others are teaching a pre-tribulation rapture. in the middle or after the tribulation that is to take place at the return of Christ. Yet there are others who teach something totally different. So who is right? Not everyone will be right! What is the truth? about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering to Him? We wanted to know!

“It was readily accepted that the only way to know the truth was to know it for ourselves. We set aside our preconceived ideas from doctrinal teaching and set out to learn the truth of Scripture for ourselves. If something didn’t fit, we would acquit any preconceptions not supported by Scripture as unprovable. Nevertheless, it was difficult to let go of some things that were dear to us because of our lack of knowledge. It’s much easier to believe something that might not be true when it sounds so good and takes so little effort. Few are willing to suffer for his cross.

“During the first year we spent a lot of time on the words of Jesus given to early church leaders in Matthew chapter 24, which brought us to the book of Daniel. In Daniel 2:44 it says: “And in the days of these kings the God of heaven shall establish a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other peoples; he shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever. So we set out to identify if these kingdoms existed today.

“After a rather rocky start, we began to adapt the scriptures to the scriptures found in both the Old and New Testaments. We began to understand the symbolism that God used in the scriptures based on the prophecy already fulfilled. We studied the symbols used regarding the coming of Jesus Christ to become the only propitiation for our sins that God would accept. After about a year we were ready to begin a detailed study of the book of Revelation written by the only disciple of the twelve who lived to a ripe old age who was not martyred (killed) for the testimony of Christ. . Some will escape the sword!

“It may interest you to know that Daniel and John the Revelator are the only two men in the Bible of whom it is personally written that God ‘loved very much’ or ‘Jesus loved.’ We know that God loves us all. John 3:16 tells us. But for some reason, God made sure to mark these two men saying he loved them in the scriptures. You can find it in Daniel 10:23 and John 10:19, and both wrote some of the most prophetic words ever written.

“Enjoy this study. Time is running out to forever know the truth in our hearts for ourselves. All we need is “willingness”. God will do the rest to open our understanding. You will find that this study places the scriptures with the scriptures, line upon line, here a little and there a little, and precept upon precept as it is written in the scriptures. This study is so much more than a bunch of drugstore cowboys having fun. We have discovered the Truth!

“It’s exciting to start a new year with a president who is not a polite politician. Will he drain the swamp? Or will he become a creature of the swamp? Will he keep his promises “Or will he turn into broken promises like one of them? Only time will tell! Personally, I was raised and born a democrat sixty-two years ago. But in him “Even this man is neither! Pray for him. He could be a modern-day King Cyrus.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Mike Coe’s new book is a brilliant tool for individuals and groups to create sound discourse. This study really brings a clearer understanding of the scriptures and the truths therein.

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