Novak Djokovic applauded for his class in Horror Wimbledon Moment


Novak Djokovic proved his class in his Wimbledon quarter-final win when Italian opponent Jannik Sinner suffered a nasty crash.

The Serb was battling the young gun Sinner who won the first two sets in front of the center court crowd.

The reigning Wimbledon champion started to turn the tide in the third set, but his true sportsmanship showed in the fourth.

Sinner was running for the ball when he tipped over on the grass pitch, clearly clutching his ankle in great pain.

Although focused on overturning the tie, Djokovic put aside his competitive nature, jumping over the net to help his opponent.

Refusing to leave his side, Djokovic stayed with his opponent before helping him up when it was deemed the Italian was fit to continue.

The crowd loved what they saw and applauded the duo.

The online tennis world was also impressed with the sportsmanship and professionalism that Djokovic displayed.

One fan tweeted, “The reason we love sports. Djokovic walks over to check on Sinner. The sinner on his feet. Character, resilience and courage to the end.

Another said: “Great moment of sportsmanship from Djokocix coming onto the net to help Sinner after a difficult point.”

Another fan simply said, “Novak Djokovic pure class.”

After the match, Skinner made sure he was okay after his crash.

He said, “I twisted my ankle, the left one. At first, I felt pain. I was a little scared at that time, but afterwards, when I took the first steps, I felt that I was fine. Then, I was a bit cautious on the first two points. The most important thing: my body feels good”

Beyond his sportsmanship, Djokovic showed pure class on a competitive level when he managed to come back and oust Sinner to win the match three sets to two in a stellar outing.

The final rally was one for the ages, crowned by a brilliant comeback victory for the world number three.

It is the 11th time he has reached the semi-finals of the All England competition, and he is just two wins away from his 21st Grand Slam title.

In his post-match press conference, he said: “I feel like Sinner, going into the match, didn’t have much to lose, but he had a lot to lose when he had two sets to love.

“I could feel it mentally with him. He hasn’t had too many five-set matches in his life and it was his first quarter-final in a Slam, not too many matches on center court.

“I always believed that I could turn things around.”


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