News from the Crusaders | Students send texts for virtual Bible study


Campus Messengers for Christ, a student-run Christian club, has found different ways to develop one’s relationship with the Lord through a more modern method of Bible study – text messaging.

CMC is a way for students to strengthen their faith while meeting friends who are on the same spiritual path. Recently the group decided to participate in daily Bible studies through the YouVersion Bible application. Club members introduce themselves daily with a short devotional read, then text their thoughts to the group. It’s a natural way for students to stay engaged and connected.

Members of Christian Messengers for Christ text their thoughts on a scripture passage. Text-based Bible study has been popular among club members.

Valeria Corrales, CMC member and sophomore biology student, enjoyed developing her relationship with God through this new way of studying the Bible.

“I love the app because it helps me learn more about the Bible. There are videos and daily plans that encourage me to read every day, ”Corrales said.

The first Bible study the group did was just a 14-day basic college devotion. About ten students participated and completed the devotion. The first devotion was about making good choices as a Christian, how God speaks to us, how God is always there to help, how to speak and act like a Christian.

After the first devotion ended, the group began a longer devotion titled: Wiser and Happier: Devotion From Times of Grace. The second devotional session has now grown to 14 participants.

It doesn’t take much to participate in a conversation about the topic or the scripture of the day. Just log into the app and send a text message to the group.

Other students felt that “texting” Bible studies helped them overcome the daily challenges most students face.

“I joined the Bible study because being in college it is difficult to stay on the path God wants us to follow and I feel fellowship with other believers who are struggling with the same things. helps a lot. My favorite part is being able to see each other’s story and being able to build relationships, ”said Vangie Padilla, second year CMC member.

The group is now on day 16 of the new 37-day challenge. Devotion talks about different things each of us can do to become a better disciple of Christ. So far, devotions have focused on wisdom, the temptations we face and how to overcome them, remembering who we serve, tithing, and many other things that we as believers, must be remembered throughout our daily lives.

If you are interested in joining the Messengers for Christ Campus or would like to participate in the daily Bible study, meetings are held once a week, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the student union floor.


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