New Mexico football in a class of its own according to FPI rankings


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ESPN released their Soccer Power Index ranking this week. With this, fans of teams that are actually good at football can enjoy debates about who will win their conference and whether or not their team has a chance in the college football playoffs or a major bowling game.

Then there are the fans who aren’t so lucky. Some fans come in season after season knowing their team is going to be really bad. These are the fans watching FPI and scrolling all the way down to see how bad their team is going to be this season.

This year, the truly awful teams that make up the final 5 in college football are:

New Mexico
Bowling green
New Mexico State

That’s right. New Mexico State has 2 teams competing in the FBS and they both end up in the top 5 worst teams in college football, including the worst team. This makes New Mexico State particularly awful in the world of college football.

The only other states with such a large presence at the bottom of the FPI rankings are Ohio and Texas. Ohio has Bowling Green, Akron, Ohio University and Kent State, all of the worst in college football. However, the state also contains Ohio State University, ranked 2nd on the list.

Texas has UTEP, Rice and Texas State all in the bottom 20. They also have Texas, Baylor, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Houston to take over the state.

Football futility is not something new in the state of New Mexico. UNM’s last winning season was in 2016 and they haven’t won more than 3 games since, despite playing at NMSU every year. There was hope for the program when they hired former Arizona State defensive coordinator Danny Martinez to take over the program from his hometown.

That hope didn’t materialize even with the help of a returning Rocky Long

The history of the state of New Mexico is even worse. They have attended a game of bowling since the 60s and have won 3 games or less in 9 of their last 10 seasons.

New Mexico fans have conditioned themselves to be hopeless during football season, but this year could be particularly disappointing for football programs in the state.


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