Mountain Statesman | Class of 2023 kicks off the school year in color


GRAFTON—An annual tradition has once again brought creative ideas and bright colors to the Grafton High School (GHS) student parking lot.

Talented and artistic members of the GHS Class of 2023 came together to leave their mark on the school, at least for this year anyway, as they showcased their personalities through the school’s Paint My Space event. ‘school.

Paint My Space is a fundraiser used to help support the school’s rewards and activities fund.

Each year, GHS seniors can purchase parking spaces on school grounds for $40, which includes the cost of their annual parking permit.

“Former seniors can also make way for future seniors at the end of their final year of school,” explained GHS director Lori Shumaker.

After purchase, students claim a spot and create artwork that helps showcase their interests, display school spirit, or show their creative side. Designs must be submitted to the school prior to honoring the bundle.

“Students are encouraged to keep it classy and have fun with their creations,” Shumaker commented.

Paint My Space is a time for students to show off their personalities. The bundle features designs, positive messages, Bible verses and personalized creations, all of which add color and vibrancy to the school campus.

Whether through the representation of pop culture, the student’s favorite Bible verse, a symbol or a saying that embodies who they are, students work to create their own masterpiece, claiming the place as theirs for the school year.

“Painting your space is a great way for seniors to leave their mark on school in a positive way,” Shumaker said. “We have some really talented students and it shows in their colorful designs this year.”


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