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In keeping with the long-standing community bible study group for women, there will soon be a community bible study group for men.

“Community Bible Study is an international organization,” said John Vanhoose. Vanhoose, a coach and teacher at Russell Middle School, said the women’s group has been running strong for 40 years and there was growing interest among men in the area to establish a similar group.

“CBS started in 1975 in Maryland,” Vanhoose said. “And at first it was just a class for women.”

However, the program generated great interest and grew rapidly. Today, it has grown into a worldwide movement that encourages individual study and participation. Qualified teachers assist the study group, and respected theologians help understand historical passages and how those passages apply in the modern world. Those who participate in the program enjoy universal support.

“There’s a lot going on in the groups,” Vanhoose said. “And one of the advantages is that it’s non-denominational. You want to study and fellowship in your own church, but it adds different ideas and perspectives when you study with people from different churches.

Vanhoose’s wife, Julie Baker is the educational director of the women’s group.

Vanhoose said that not only is the student aspect rewarding and rewarding, but the social aspect is as well. He said the pandemic forced the women’s group to reunite virtually, but they hope to meet again in person soon.

“CBS has so many classes to offer,” Vanhoose said. “Of course there is the course for women, but they also have a lot of mixed courses. And there are classes of men, and among them there are so many different ministries to choose from.

Some of the ministries available are children’s ministries, prison ministries and even ministries involving people with disabilities, Vanhoose said.

The men’s class, Vanhoose said, is not just attached to the women’s classes, but will be its own class.

“And that in itself is a bit rare,” he said. The new class of men is something that does not exist on a large scale at the moment, as most of the groups are mixed or have been established as women’s groups.

“When I did a Google search, the closest groups of men I could find were in St. Louis and North Carolina. But I think it’s a ministry that men could certainly benefit from, ”he said.

Vanhoose said multi-faith groups are designed to encourage study, but respect the views of others.

The classes are inclusive, Vanhoose said, but they try to discourage discussion of political issues and they don’t come up against heavy doctrinal issues.

The goal, he said, is to learn and share knowledge of the scriptures and of the faith.

A recent discussion in their impact group – they have not yet become an official class, but are currently in the process of becoming one – included reading some verses and discussing what each of them thought those verses. were saying about the value of prayer.

“We were given these questions and these verses,” Vanhoose said. “And the discussion was really interesting. Along with this, another thing was that each man was encouraged to bring a small item from home and then tell everyone how it represented prayer for them. There were men talking about glasses that helped them see better and shoes, and I brought a flashlight. And I explained how prayer was like a light, shedding light on the things that we had to work on. There were a lot of interesting perspectives, and it shows the value of the class. It is much more than a study of the Bible.

Currently, the Impact group meets at Bridges Christian Church on Mondays at 7 p.m. Anyone interested can contact Vanhoose at (606) 547-8715.

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