Meeting God While Waiting: A New Bible Study Examines the Life of Joseph


We all experience a “meantime” in life. Those endless, difficult times when God is working strategically behind the scenes, but we wonder. This is Joseph’s story—it could be yours too.

Joseph was a victim of: circumstance, family dysfunction, slavery, unjust accusations and sexual harassment. However, he was still walking in his destiny. Author, podcast host and speaker Carol McLeod says you are the “Joseph” of your own story. As circumstances may work against you and the enemy attacks, she says, you can fulfill your God-ordained destiny.

Carol McLeod recently published a new Bible study, MEANWHILE: Meeting God in expectationwhich examines the life of Joseph and what we can learn about staying the course in the meantime.

“I hope people will be inspired when they look at Joseph’s life. That they will be reminded that God is intentionally and powerfully moving in the span of our lives,” Carol shared.

“Joseph’s story parallels many of our stories. The choices of others created difficulties that were beyond his control. Through each painful ‘in between, Joseph was able to know and rest in God’s promise of better things to come, and grow in his God-ordained destiny.

Carol McLeod is a sought-after speaker, best-selling author of 15 books and host of two successful podcasts. In September, she is preparing to launch a weekly television show, called “The Joy Life”. Known for her great joy and enthusiasm, Carol encourages and empowers women with passionate and practical Bible-focused messages, interspersed with her own brand of hope and humor.

Today on Connections, Carol talks about her book, Meanwhile and why she decided to focus on the story of Joseph.


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