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Sue Renner-Miller grew up on a “big dairy farm” in Tuscarawas County, in the “Baltic suburbs”. She worked alongside her parents, two sisters and a brother, from the age of 3 looking after livestock. his job was to feed the calves.

A graduate of Garaway Schools, Renner-Miller was active in sports, including volleyball; basketball; softball and track and field, as well as a nine-year-old 4-H member. Renner-Miller recalled, “Horses used to be my thing, but mom made me take on a cooking and clothing project.” Active in his church youth group, Renner-Miller and his family attended three times a week and say, “without a doubt, I loved going” to a “country Bible church.” After high school, Renner-Miller went straight to work for an insurance company and two years later married his high school sweetheart.

She and her first husband Jeff were blessed with three sons. They were both very involved in the community as volunteer firefighters and paramedics. Her husband worked for Allied Baltic Rubber while Sue continued to work for Baltic Insurance Company as well as all the ‘odd jobs’ needed to make ends meet. They also volunteered with anything, and everything, about their boys – 4-H; Tracking; baseball and little league; always with the desire to instill in them a sense of volunteerism while keeping the family home as a “safe place to live”. Sue always wanted the boys to grow up on a farm, so they bought a mini-farm in Fresno, “below New Bedford”, where they had a menagerie of animals – horses; chickens; goats; pigs; livestock; rabbits; even a llama.

In 1996, tragedy struck the family when Jeff died suddenly en route to a fire. Sue stayed on the farm as long as she could fend for herself; a widow with three working boys. After seven years, she sold the farm; equipment; found suitable homes for the animals and moved to Coshocton. By then she had started working for a Coshocton insurance company – Larry Endsley and the Endsley Agency.

Sue then worked for the West Holmes School District as a paraprofessional and also worked part-time at Kid’s America at the Lake Park Pool reception and concession stand. She was then offered the position of executive director of Kid’s America, and Sue remained at KA for a total of 14½ years; eight of which were like ED.

While on the board of RHDD, Sue was offered a job as a transportation specialist, but ended up in human resources. Sue held this position for three years before changing roles to become Special Projects Coordinator. In this role, she is responsible for planning and organizing activities for people served by the agency as well as incentives for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and lunches for people, their families and staff. of the agency. Covid has put a damper on many of these activities, but Sue has shown resilience in creative ways to maintain a sense of normalcy in people’s lives as well as recognition of DSP. She traveled to all five counties and worked in offices as an office manager cleaning storage units.

In 2009, Sue married Bob Miller, merging their families. Tragedy struck a second time for Sue, when her youngest son, a firefighter at Gulfport MS, took his own life. Of her tribulations, Sue says, “The faith and support of my family and friends got me through all my trials; the death of my husband; of my son; the death of my parents.

Sue is an active member of her church, Calvary Baptist, where she works in the nursery and helps with meals for members in need. She is involved with the Coshocton County and Muskingum County Chambers of Commerce and volunteers at Red Cross blood drives. She reads to elementary students at Coshocton Elementary School, volunteers at Conesville Elementary School for parent-teacher conferences, helps with special bedroom projects, and sits on the Career Center Advisory Board. of Coshocton County. In short, Sue “Volunteers everywhere”.

Sue “had been invited for years and years” to participate in Leadership Coshocton, “since she worked for Larry Endsley” but “never got around to doing it. I’m so glad I did In Leadership Coshocton, Sue says, “I learned to be a team player while also being a team leader…to find your niche and go with it.” Sue didn’t know what to expect or what. that she would learn or gain by participating. She has never known her personality type and, like many, lives here but does not really visit or explore the area. Being part of the Coshocton leadership has given her the opportunity to learn more about the community as well as herself and gave her the confidence to succeed.

Of the community, Sue says, “It’s growing. Definitely going in the right direction. The community comes together and more people show up who want to improve the community. There are new people getting involved and not all the same people doing all the work.

To make the county stronger, Sue recommends “Keep trying to do business; help local businesses grow and support local businesses.

Sue would recommend Leadership Coshocton to others, saying, “No matter what your profession or background, there is always something to learn. About the community; yourself or others; lessons that I will use from now on.

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