Man shares disturbing messages he received from Date’s mother


A man shared a disturbing message he received from the mother about his date. Take a look below:

However, after a number of red flags, including his date noticing that he looks like his uncle, it didn’t work out and the couple went their separate ways.

Now, while that would usually be the end, @trustmeimaexpert revealed that he then received a text from the mother about his date, saying she was angry that he didn’t want to see her son and asked that he marries her.

The text read: “You took my son on a date a few weeks ago and told him that you are not compatible.

“I have to say I was pretty devastated when my son came home from the outing and wasn’t engaged to the man he loves, so I’m reaching out to ask you to get in touch with my son and immediately start planning a wedding which will be paid 50/50 between the two families. “

Credit: @trustmeimaexpert

Naturally surprised by the message, he then replied, asking if it was some kind of an unhealthy joke, as he wasn’t interested in dating his son.

But the mother fired back, saying there was “no joke about my son’s love” and that they would visit him at work.

She continued, “He already has pictures of you in his bedroom and wants to marry you ASAP.

“We will come to your workplace tomorrow to have a face-to-face chat and show you a ring that we have purchased.”

Credit: @trustmeimaexpert
Credit: @trustmeimaexpert

The man then warned them not to approach him as he would call the police if they did.

“We will be there to speak to you at your office around 1:15 pm tomorrow,” she replied.

Fortunately, neither the son nor his mother came. But it wasn’t there.

In a second video, @trustmeimaexpert explained that he then received another message from the mother, this time telling her that she was dismayed that he shared the story on TikTok and that he had to buy a new car. to his son as an apology. .

She said, “Anything less than $ 35,000 will not be right for your husband. Please correct the mistakes you made against my son and continue to do what makes him happy.”

Credit: @trustmeimaexpert
Credit: @trustmeimaexpert

And it was still not over.

A little suspicious of what was going on, he decided to speak to the police about the messages and found that the mother had a form for this kind of behavior, and had already done the same to a guy who was dating her daughter.

However, they eventually found out that it wasn’t the mother who sent the messages after all, but the guy he was dating.

An uplifting tale of the dangerous world of online dating.


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