Man hides messages under the ground to ‘trigger millennials in 30 years’


A man has written a cheeky hidden message under his floorboards to ‘trigger millennials’ in years to come. You can check out his pranks here:

The guy is renovating a property and decided to plan some pranks for whoever lives in the place in the future.

Post on TikTok @longrealestate shared several clips of messages he wrote on the wooden floor, which will later be covered with new flooring.

Sharing the clip, he wrote: “Leaving messages to trigger millennials 30 years from now when they rip up the new floor I put on it.” As the camera pans across the floor, you can see the words: “Office isn’t funny” written in big white letters on the floor.

The clip sparked a bit of debate, with some siding with the guy and others blaming him for his opinion.

One person said, “I see no lie…the show is terrible.”

Someone else asked, “How can anyone say that?”

A third wrote: ‘Millennial here and I agree.

Credit: TikTok/@longrealestate

Not content to bother fans of Officethe dude then shared another clip in which he wrote, “I don’t like the show Friends.”

In another clip, he wrote, “When renovating, always leave a message for the next homeowner under the new flooring you’re about to lay.”

This time, he had written the message: “We are trying to reach you regarding your extended car warranty.

Earlier this year, a woman made a much less funny discovery while lifting the carpet from her new home.

TikTok user @dontbeanashhole shared a clip in which she appeared to have discovered the outline of a corpse. Handsome.

Posting the clip, she wrote, “That’s cool. All good.

“It didn’t bother me to know that someone died in my new house. But imagine my surprise when I ripped up the floor and found this.”

Credit: TikTok/@dontbeanashhole
Credit: TikTok/@dontbeanashhole

In the clip, the woman can be seen removing the old rug to reveal what appears to be the outline of a crime scene-style body next to the words “Case #091101”, written in black ink.

The woman added: “Okay, but it’s actually a little scary.”

Yes, you can say it again.


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