Making cannabis a Class A drug would be ‘totally catastrophic’, says ex-undercover cop


Making cannabis a Class A drug would be “totally catastrophic”, a former undercover cop has said.

However, Neil Woods – a former drugs undercover agent now campaigning for international drug policy reform – said such a move would be “overblown and stupid”.

A proposal to improve weed classification has been criticized by drug reform advocates. Credit: dpa Picture Alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

Penalties for those found in possession of Class A drugs are much harsher; however, Woods pointed out studies who have shown that more severe sanctions do not reduce consumption. On the contrary, any increase in state aggression is reflected in the market, he said.

“If you’ve increased the threat in the market, the risk is greater and the fear of the impact of being caught is greater,” Woods told LADbible.

“The biggest chance of getting caught for dealers, the biggest tool used by the police, is the use of police informants…and the people who get caught are the people least at risk.

“So, in other words, by increasing the threat in the market, you create a Darwinian situation, where the most violent and the most intimidating are those who don’t get weeded.”

“It will be awful for these kids who are chained to the exploitation of selling drugs,” Woods explained.

“Because I mean, the reason you have kids selling heroin and crack cocaine is because of the risk of adult dealers getting caught. They’re using kids as proxy dealers to protect them.

“It was caused by our policy. It was not caused by anything else. That’s why we have children dealing because of our policy.

“And this will expand, there will be more children selling Class A cannabis – and that is an absolute fact. There is no other way to interpret the current situation in the UK. United.”

In many countries around the world, weed is being legalized, and many people point to the comparative harms of alcohol when calling for the legalization of the drug.

However, while there is “very clear evidence” that alcohol is significantly more harmful, Woods said the point is a distraction from the fundamental point that “any drug is more dangerous in the hands of organized crime. “.

As such, Woods is baffled by PCC Sidwick’s call for cannabis to be improved.

“It’s so stupid,” he said. “It’s stupid off the scale. It will be utterly catastrophic.

“It will be absolutely catastrophic for young people who get caught and get a criminal conviction, which will be much more serious.

“It will be catastrophic for these people who are sent to prison, who they otherwise would not have sent to prison, because prison is one of the most traumatic and horrible things you can do to anyone. who.”

The Home Secretary stressed that the appeals are only proposals, and at the moment there is no indication that the classification of the drug will change.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “There are currently no plans to reclassify cannabis, which is controlled as a Class B drug in the UK based on clear medical and scientific evidence from his misdeeds.”


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