MAFS Recap: Bible Study and a Brand New Benz


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Every week, I guess Chris won’t have any more ways to embarrass Paige. Yet every week she comes back to him and I’m wrong. See how he managed to pull it off this week and check in with the other couples and their issues – all of which pale in comparison.

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Erik and Virginia

When Dr. Viviana came to visit these two, they had a discussion about the differences in their beliefs. Erik is more conservative, like Virginia’s father, and she is more liberal. Erik didn’t explain too much what those beliefs might be. But there was talk of LGBTQ+ issues at the wedding. And Virginia shared that her sister is gay.

What is most concerning about their difference in beliefs is that Erik feels like this is only a problem for Virginia. Bruh. If you think people don’t deserve the same rights and opportunities because they’re different, then the problem is yours.

Another thing that bothered me was the fact that Erik said so rudely that if Virginia decides she doesn’t want kids – a trip she said she’s doing at 50-50, then he is out. So immature. She always said she would be ready to talk about it. And maybe after just three weeks, she’s not quite sure whether she wants to raise kids with someone like Erik or not. Give sister some time. The only positive was that he seemed to understand why his own childhood affected his thoughts about children. Relax! Eric is a man. He can have children for several years. And Virginia is still young enough to have time to make up her mind.

Jacob and Haley

It’s painful to watch these two at this point. Haley has shut down completely. Jake pulls away in an effort to protect his feelings. And every week there seems to be little or no progress being made. I guess you could say they slept in the same bed. But with the experiment halfway through, I’d be shocked and appalled if they found a way to stay together in the end.

What I appreciated was that Dr. Viviana came with receipts for Haley’s a$$. By her own admission, she intentionally looks for flaws in men and uses them as justification to write them off. She certainly does that with Jake. He wasn’t perfect. But it’s clear that Haley isn’t trying hard enough either. Dr. Viviana asked them to increase the level of physical affection with each other and her sister just couldn’t do it.

Vincent and Briana

Vincent has had a tough few weeks. Between the champagne spill and salsa lessons, he came across very immature with an incredibly fragile male ego. And a handful of people wrote it off. Fortunately, it seems to me a coachable. He listened to his friend when he laughed in his face. And on top of Briana’s patience, Dr. Viviana had to remind her that he doesn’t have to be perfect, because he isn’t.

We’re still rooting for those two. They are always the strongest of the group.

Ryan and Clara

I think we can all agree that Ryan is a little closed off…he always gives very political answers to any kind of deep or uncomfortable question. And last night, when he and Clara had to talk about sex longer than they usually do, brotha was in rare form. He couldn’t name his favorite sex position. He completely avoided the question. I don’t know if it’s because he didn’t mean to offend his Christian parents or what, but it was a little odd, considering Clara also describes him as a bit withdrawn in the bedroom.

Later, when they met Dr. Viviana, she asked Clara if there was any chance that Ryan could lie about his level of sexual experience, like he might be a virgin.

I was with Clara when she was talking about her sexual frustration with Ryan. It must be boring, especially when you don’t know when Ryan will trust him enough to get to that place. And it’s a real trip if he goes down and Clara gets stuck. No Bueno. But when she said that sex has always been sex and it’s never meant anything deeper to her, even in her relationships where she’s been in love… that’s a problem. And it makes you wonder what the block was for her. Knowing that sex was never just sex to her, I don’t know if I’d be particularly excited to cross that plain if I knew it wouldn’t mean anything.

Chris and Paige

Honestly, I’m damn tired of talking about these two. Each week, Paige finds another excuse to open her heart to Chris again. And every week he finds another way to pee on it. Chris says they need a reset in their marriage. But when Paige calls to talk to him, he sends her to voicemail.

I also find it particularly interesting that while he can easily ignore Paige, he always finds a way to be there when the experts are around. It’s surprising because none of them see it for him.

Dr. Viviana pointed out that Chris was not doing enough. In fact, she told him that according to the person they met during the casting process, she didn’t even know who he was. He said he felt too much pressure when all Paige asked for was a phone call once a day. And it’s too much. For the life of me, I can’t understand why she keeps allowing this man to play in her face. Everyone sees the shenanigans except her. And every time he’s in her presence, Chris is glued to his cell phone, completely checked out. The lack of effort is glaring.

Speaking of lack of effort, Chris suggested a Bible study saying maybe their problem was that they needed a little more of Jesus in their relationship. Knowing full well, Paige prayed for her hellish behind from the jump. But what tripped me up was that it was just a suggestion. He didn’t cook anything but Harold’s chicken. We really don’t know who Chris is. This is the same man who was once going to be a minister. But it was not a biblical revelation that night. And his character throughout the season doesn’t read “man of God.”

And of course, Paige had prepared something. She talked about friendship and how that was what they needed as the basis for their wayward marriage. Chris contributed very little, none of which was Bible-based. But he had a bomb for her. He wanted to let her know that he had bought Mercedes, the mother of his child, a Benz because he didn’t want her to be without transportation when their child arrived.


At this point, nothing he does surprises me. And I wish Paige would reach that same spot of numbness and check it out.


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