Life Hack shows iPhone users how to schedule text messages



  • A life hack for iPhone users has gone viral on TikTok
  • It shows off a little-known feature that allows iPhone users to schedule and send automated text messages
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I was years old today when I learned that it was possible to schedule text messages on an iPhone. This life hack shared on TikTok by Frank McShan outlining simple steps to schedule SMS on iPhone has gone viral.

There are a few steps in this TikTok life hack, but it’s a “set it and forget it” option. Maybe you want to text a relative every morning to let them know you’re thinking of them. Or schedule an SMS reminder for someone to do something like feed the dog or water the cannabis plant.

There are a million different reasons for wanting to automate SMS. It makes no sense to talk about why you specifically want to schedule text messages on the iPhone. The thing is, if you clicked on this article, you’ll probably need to schedule some texts. So here’s how. I’ve included the TikTok video and some screenshots below from my iPhone for ease of understanding:

schedule text messages iphone life hack

schedule text messages iphone life hack

Simple enough, right? The main thing is that you need to swipe down and search for “shortcuts”. Then open this page, click on the Personal Automation option and choose the time of day. Then you choose messages, contact and enter the text you want to send.

Boom, you’ve scheduled text messages on the iPhone. Go tell mom you love her. Send this text every day. Either she’ll think you’ve lost your mind or she’ll love it. Or both. What’s the worst that can happen?

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