Knesset Bible study brings Jews and Christians together


JERUSALEM, Israel — A first Bible study in Israel is called a fulfillment of the scriptures. In a historic move, Christians joined Israeli Jews this week in the Knesset to study God’s Word. Many believe this is an important step towards unity.

Rabbi and Knesset Member Yehuda Glick moderated the study. Some 200 Jews and Christians attended the event, co-sponsored by the Knesset Caucus for the Encouragement of Bible Study, the Schindler Society and Israel365.

“And now my head will be lifted up over all my enemies, and therefore I will offer in his Temple sacrifices of joy. I will sing and I will praise the Lord,” Glick read in Psalm 27.

“It’s exciting to see how the words of the prophets really come true,” he told CBN News afterwards. “We have people from all over the world coming to study the Bible from Jerusalem, just as Isaiah said, ‘The Word of God from Jerusalem.'”

Rabbi Yehuda Glick

Rabbi Tuli Weiss, founder of Israel365, told CBN News: “This is the first time that Jews and non-Jews have come together in the Knesset to study the Bible together. It’s amazing. The Bible – which has been a source of division between Jews and Christians throughout our long history – is now the source of unity between our peoples.”

Weiss thinks it is biblically significant that the event took place in Jerusalem.

“Well, the verse in Isaiah says that out of Zion shall go forth the Torah, and it says that at the end of the days, all the nations are going to flock to Jerusalem and they are going to say, ‘teach us the Torah’ and that’ is exactly what is happening here today in the Knesset. It is really exciting,” he said.

Rabbi Tuli Weiss

Dean Bye, international director of Return Ministries, called it “historic”.

“Jews and Christians. They say it’s historic. It’s the first time in the Knesset, so for me it’s kind of like ‘pinch me time,'” Bye told CBN News. “Can anyone say, ‘Baruch HaShem [praise His name]? Praise the Lord. [This] is really special.”

For years, Glick has campaigned for wider access to the Temple Mount where only Muslims are allowed to pray. This public position almost cost him his life several years ago when he was shot in the chest at close range outside the Menachem-Begin Center in Jerusalem. Glick thinks the Temple Mount is the key to this case.

“It’s the heart of it all,” he explained. “The return to Israel was called Zionism. Zion is the name of the Temple Mount and connects to the House of Prayer for all nations, that is exactly what we are talking about, what we see here. C is what is happening.”

Bye said, “We are living in an incredible hour.”

“It is humbling. I pray that the Lord grants many more Christians to have this experience and to be able to return to the nations as ambassadors – chigourim — so we can let them know that we’re probably living in the most exciting times since the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”


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