“Kill God”: Pennsylvania Church Vandalized With Satanic Messages

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A church in Pennsylvania was vandalized by unknown assailants who desecrated the property with graffiti depicting satanic symbols and the words “kill God.”

The Lititz Brothers Church in Lancaster County was vandalized between Thursday evening and Friday morning, police said. according to The Morning Call.

The chalk graffiti displayed the phrases “kill God” and “Hail Satan”, as well as the satanic symbol of a star inside a circle. The vandalism also included the number 666, the biblical number of the Antichrist.

Eric Landram, the senior pastor of Lititz Church of the Brethren, told the Christian Post on Monday that “the chalk that was used left no permanent damage and the clean-up was minimal.”

Landram explained that such vandalism had not occurred on his church property in the past, so they “treat it as a one-off prank and are not concerned with antics.” He added that other than “what has already been reported, we have no further comments to make at this time.”

News of the church vandalism caught the attention of the Lancaster Online editorial board, which denounced the actions as “extremely false” and “particularly disturbing”.

“There is something particularly disturbing about the vandalism directed against a place of worship or a religious symbol. It seems designed to shake believers who view their sacred spaces as sanctuaries to which they come to both in times of grief and joy, ”the editors wrote.

“The church has not suffered any lasting damage. But the memories of the desecration will likely persist. Even if it turns out that it is the work of helpless young people. Or the product of a troubled mind.

The editorial board also cited a report by Axes published in October, which concluded that places of worship of various denominations “suffered high amounts of vandalism, arson and other property damage”.

“2021 is on track to surpass last year’s peak in hate crimes in the United States, many of which are linked to religious bigotry,” Axios reported.

“The number of hate crimes reported in fiscal year 2020 was the highest since 2001, when a wave of Islamophobia followed the September 11 attacks, according to updated FBI data.

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