Kanye West Responds to Pete Davidson’s Mocking Texts


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  • Pete Davidson apparently reached out to Kanye West.
  • Davidson allegedly sent Kanye a selfie captioned “in bed with your wife.”
  • West has since responded to the texts on Instagram

That’s a very Karen statement from me, but since we’re all in the Trust Tree, I’m going to say it anyway: I did indeed delete Kanye West’s music from my Spotify account. Only her first four albums remain – everything else has been scrapped. Why? Because I can’t stand the guy and legitimately get mad every time his (non-classical) music pops up in the headphones. I can not do this anymore. I’m 30 these days, so I need to start taking care of my cardiovascular health.

Conversely, despite my distaste for him, I’ve written quite a bit about Kanye in recent months, because the man is undeniably — and perhaps a little hypocritically on my part — a content machine.

Seemingly every day Kanye releases a disturbing music video, crashes on social media, or shows up at a sporting event to avoid smiling for the camera, and this past weekend was no different.

On Sunday we broke the news that Pete Davidson’s friend Dave Sirius shared – then deleted – an alleged text exchange between the 28-year-old SNL the comedian and the 44-year-old man donda rapper. In response to those texts, which saw Davidson telling Kanye he was “in bed with his wife,” Kanye posted a response on Instagram, saying Davidson was upset with him. Similarly, West also deleted his posts.

“At this point, it’s going too far,” he said. “The boyfriend is texting me, upsetting me, bragging about being in bed with my wife. He’s texting me, talking about bragging about being in bed with my wife. And it’s like, well, who’s watching my kids?” He added, “Kim gets black people out of jail, you know who puts them in jail? The person whose boyfriend has a tattoo,” which refers to Hillary Clinton’s tattoo by Pete. [via Uproxx]

Now that Davidson has publicly responded to Kanye, it will certainly be interesting to see where the increasingly erratic rapper takes the beef from here.

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